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Age-Related Skin

Skin info for specific populations - Boisvert - WVSOM

Vernix caseosa Mixture of sebum and cornified epidermis covering the infant at birth
Lanugo fine silky hair over shoulders and back of newborns; shed 10-14 days after birth
Is terminal hair present at birth? NO
What makes infants prone to hypothermia? Subcutaneous fat is poorly developed
When do eccrine glands begin to function 1 month after birth
Are apocrine glands developed in infants? NO
cutis marmorata mottled appearance to the in as a result of changes in ambient temperature seen in infants
Milia small white papule that commonly occurs on the face of a newborn
Which age population is known for increased sebacous gland activity? adolescence
What happens during adolescence to the apocrine glands? Enlarge and become active
When does terminal hair apprea in the axilla and pubic areas of both sexes as well as on the face of males? Adolescence
Is blood flow to the skin increased or decreased during pregnancy? Increased
What happens to vascular lesions (such as hemangiomas or vascular spiders) during pregnancy? increase in size
True of False: Skin thickens and subcutaneous fat increases during pregnancy? True
During pregnancy is there an increase or decrease in pigmentation of the face, nipples, areola, axilla, and vulva? Increase
Eccrine and sebaceous gland activity decreases among what age population Elderly
Epidermis thins and becomes less elastic in what age population? Elderly
The number of melanocytes is increased or decreased in the elderly? decreased
A Transition from terminal to vellus hair on the scalp is seen in what age population? Elderly
Nail grow increases or decreases among elderly? decreases (slows)
Created by: StephieeeeRae