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Ancient Civilization

What is the longest river in Egypt? The nile river is the longest river.
What is an archeologist? A scientist who learns about the ancient people by what they left behind.
Pharaoh A leader of Ancient Egypt.
This is when you dry a dead body and wrap it like a mummy. Mummification
A large monument built around a tomb. Pyramid
What were the two types of lands that egypt was split into? The black land and the red land.
True or False. The pharaoh is the most powerful person in Egypt. True.
Where were the pharaohs buried? They were buried in the pyramids.
What were the temples made of? Temples were made of stone.
Where did craftsman work? The craftsman worked in the workshops.
Does Greece have their own language? Yes, Greek.
greece has 2000 islands. True or false. True
Football is the national sport of greece. true
What big event took place in 776 BC? The First Olympic Games.
What is the capitol of Greece? Athens
In 2000 BC was the destruction of minonan settlements. true or false. true.
What was the name of the war that happened in 1250 BC? Trojan
Greece's capital is Athens. True or False. True.
What was the period of the dark ages? 1100-750 BC
History of Greece was traced to stone age. True or False. True.
When was Rome founded? 753 BC
Who was Rome founded by? Romulus.
What was the name of the wars they had? Punic Wars.
Who is Julius Caesar? A famous ruler of Rome.
Romans had to use local baths. True or False. True
How did they get water for the bath houses? They had water supplied through lead pipes.
Was they bath house cheap or expensive? The bath houses were very inexpensive.
Where is the Roman Empire located? Western Europe.
In 146, the romans were able to capture the city of carthage. True or False. True.
Did Rome have an army? If so what was it called? yes, and it was called the Roman Army.
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