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HAN Medical Terms 3

Full Terms

abdominal pertaining to the abdomen
abdominocentesis surgical puncture of the abdomen
abductor one who (muscle which) leads toward the body
adenitis inflammation of a gland
adenoma tumor of a gland
adenopathy disease of glands
adrenal glands endocrine glands located above (toward) the kidneys
anemia a decrease in erythocytes or hemoglobin
angioplasty surgical repair of blood vessels
anoxia without oxygen (decrease in tissues)
apnea not breathing
arteriosclerosis hardening of arteries
arthralgia pain in a joint
arthritis inflammation of a joint
bilateral pertaining to two sides
biology study of life
biopsy to view life; microscopic examination of living tissue
bradycardia condition of slow heartbeat
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
cardiac pertaining to the heart
cardiology study of the heart
cardiomyopathy disease of heart muscle
cephalic pertaining to the head
cerebral pertaining to the brain
cervical pertaining to the neck
colostomy new opening to the colon (to the outside of the body)
craniotomy incision of the skull
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
cystocele hernia of the urinary bladder
cystoscopy process of visual examination of the urinary bladder
cytology study of cells
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatology study of the skin
dorsal pertaining to the back/posterior
electrocardiogram record of the electricity in the heart
electroencephalogram record of the electricity of the brain
electroencephalograph instrument for recording the electricity in the brain
electroencephalography process of recording the electricity in the brain
endoscope instrument to visually examine within (the body)
endoscopy process of visually examining within (the body)
enteritis inflammation of the intestines
enteropathy disease of the intestines
epidermis outer layer of skin; above the dermis layer
epigastric pertaining to above the stomach
exophthalmos eyeballs that protrude
gastrectomy removal of the stomach
gastric pertaining to the stomach
gastroenterology process of study of the stomach and intestines
gastrotomy incision of the stomach
gynecology study of female and female diseases
hematology study of blood
hematoma collection of blood; a bruise
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hepatoma tumor (malignant) of the liver
hyperglycemia increase in blood sugar
hyperthyroidism condition of too much secretion of hormone (thyroxine) from the thyroid gland
hypogastric pertaining to below the stomach
hypoglycemia decrease in blood sugar
intercostal pertaining to between the ribs
intervertebral pertaining to between the vertebrae
intravenous pertaining to within a vein
laparoscope instrument to visually examine the abdomen
laparoscopy process of visual examination of the abdomen
laparotomy incision into the abdomen
lateral pertaining to the side
lumbosacral pertaining to the lumbar and sacral regions
myalgia pain of muscles
myelogram record (x-ray) of the spinal cord
myoma tumor (benign) of muscle
nephrectomy removal (resection) of a kidney
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
nephrologist specialist in the study of the kidney
nephrology study of the kidney
nephropathy disease of the kidney
nephrosis abnormal condition of the kidney
neural pertaining to nerves
neuralgia pain of nerves
neurologic pertaining to the study of nerves
neurology study of nerves
ophthalmology study of the eye
ophthalmoscope instrument for visual examination of the eye
osteitis inflammation of the bone
osteoarthritis inflammation of bone and joints (actually degeneration of joint tissue)
otalgia pain in the ear
paralysis abnormal destruction (of nerves) leading to loss of muscle function
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis (bones in the region of the hip)
peritoneal pertaining to the peritoneum
phlebotomy incision of a vein
pleural pertaining to the pleura
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
radiology study of x-rays
rectocele hernia of the rectum
renal pertaining to the kidney
resection process of cutting out; removal
retroflexion bending backward
retroperitoneal pertaining to behind the peritoneum
spinal pertaining to the spine, backbone
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
subcutaneous pertaining to under the skin
suprapubic pertaining to above the pubic bone (part of the pelvis)
tachypnea rapid breathing
thoracentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the chest
thoracic pertaining to the chest
thoracotomy incision of the chest
transhepatic pertaining to across or through the liver
transurethral pertaining to through the urethra
ultrasonography process of recording ultrasound (beyond the normal range) waves
unilateral pertaining to one side
urology study of the urinary tract
ventral pertaining to the belly side of the body/anterior
vertebral pertaining to vertebrae
visceral pertaining to internal organs
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