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Old Testament1

OT Exam 1

What does a birthright entail? * Legal and spiritual head * Double inheritance * Responsible for caring for parents * God's covenant
Who are the main characters in Jacob's story? * Jacob * Labon * Rachel * Leah
Who are the main characters in Isaac's story? * Isaac * Rebekah * Esau * Jacob
What are the 3 qualities of Abraham? 1. Fear 2. Failure 3. Faith
What is the Abrahamic Covenant? Chapter 12, 15, 17 * Promised Land * Promised Blessings * Promised Decedents * Circumcision- sign of covenant
Who are the main characters in Abraham's story? * Abraham * Sarah * Hagar * Ishmel * Lot * Isaac
Who are the 4 patriarchs? 1. Jacob 2. Joseph 3. Abraham 4. Isaac
What is the Noahic covenant? Chapter 9 * God limits himself by never flooding the earth again * Provision of capitol punishment
Who were punished by the fall and how? Snake- crawl on belly, hatred Eve- childbirth, subject to husband Adam- ground was cursed, work
Who is the author of Genesis? Moses
What does Genesis mean? Origin or beginning
Where were kings and prophets buried? within the city
Where were the rich buried? tomb or cave, usually with family
Where were the poor buried? earth burial
When was the body to be buried? within 24 hours of death
What are the preparations for a body? Cover face with napkin, Body bound with strips of cloth, Embalming spices
When would a man shave his head and/or beard? 1. if he lost integrity 2. to express great sorrow
What are the 6 ways to express sorrow? 1. tearing of clothing 2. wearing of sackcloth 3. dust on one's head 4. weeping 5. beating of breast 6. shaving of head and beard
What is a death wail? a moan that lasted until burial, sometimes had professional mourners
Why was death more common in the daily life of Israel? 1. Larger families 2. Infant mortality 3. War 4. Malnutrition
What is the safety feature for all flat top roofs? Railing
What are the 5 uses of a flat top roof? 1. Place to sleep 2. Place for storage 3. Gathering place 4. Public proclamations 5. Worship and prayer
What are houses made of? Walls- Mud Roof- Brushwood, covered with earth and grass
What happened to the tents when a family began to grow? They just added onto the tent
What fabric are the tents made of? course, black goat hair
How many children does a typical family have? 7 to 9
Why are sons especially desired? 1. to help the father with work 2. carry the family name
Who arranges the marriages? the bridegroom's
What is Levirate marriage? if the man dies before the wife, she will go to his brother to produce children
What happens if a wife cannot produce children? she gives her handmaiden to her husband to produce a child
According to the Nuzi tablets, what is the purpose of marriage? to produce children
Who can initiate divorce? Only the husband
What is the role of the husband? legal and spiritual head of the family
How long did Jacob work from the flock? 6 years
How many years did Jacob work for his wives? 14 years
What dreams did Joseph have about his brothers/family? * 10 sheaves bowing * Sun and moon and 11 stars bowing
Genesis 48 Joseph's two sons adopted as Jacob's own
Genesis 49 Judah the birth right son though 4th in lineage
Exodus "going out" or "pathway out"
What are the 2 themes of Exodus? 1. deliverance form Egypt and recognition of Israel as a nation /name 2. Redemption by blood
What are the reasons for bondage? 1. ethnic occupation 2. multiplying population 3. sources of labor 4. Pharaoh didn't know Joseph
Exodus 3 miraculously called by God
What are the 10 plagues? 1. water to blood 2. frogs 3. lice 4. flies 5. murrain 6. boils 7. hail 8. locust 9. darkness 10. death of firstborn, passover
What are the miracles of Egypt? * Crossing of the red sea * Bitter water turns sweet * Manna * Quail * Water from the rock * Amlekites defeated
What are the 10 commandments? 1. no other Gods 2. Make no graven images 3. Not take the name of the Lord in vain 4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy 5. Honor father and mother 6. Not kill 7. not commit adultery 8. not steal 9. Not bear false witness 10. Not covet
No other Gods protects theology
make no graven images protects worship
not take the name of the Lord in vain protects the name of God
Remember the sabbath and keep it holy protects the sabbath
Honor father and mother protects family honor
Not kill protects life
not commit adultery protects marriage
not steal protects property
not lie protects truth
not covet protects heart
Created by: Flidisha
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