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Qu'ran Terms #1

Terms for Qur'an Test #1

Hajj 5th Pillar of Islam, Pilgrimage to Mecca. Not required for poor or those with financial constraints
Uthmani codex Named for 3rd caliph, Uthman ibn Affan. Oldest known Qur'an in the world.
Four ‘Rightly-Guided’ Caliphs Four Caliphs (Rashidun) Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali. Representatives/successors.
Sira / sira Biographies of Muhammad
Ibn ‘Abbas Paternal cousin of Muhammad. Revered for knowledge in study of Islam.
nabi Prophet
Hijra Migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina (622 CE)
Allah,ilah Allah, Word for god the creator of the universe; Ilah, word for any god. Allah is an Ilah.
Shahadah Statement of faith
Hadith Saying, act, or tacit of approval or dissaproval ascribed either validly or invalidly to Muhammad.
610 CE Year Muhammad began to receive revelations from god
mushaf Collection of sects or sheets (e.g. The Qur'an)
iltifat Literary device for shift in persons
Quraysh Tribe in which Muhammed was born into
G. Lüling (lullabye) Respected scholar that believed Islam was derived from Judeo-Christian Hymns.
tarjama Interpretation
John Wansbrough (Wans, Wants)Islam is a mutation of what was originally Judeo-Christian sect. Caused a rift by believing Muhammed was a manufactured myth.
A. Yusuf Ali His translation of the Qur'an is one of the most widely known and translated versions.
George Sale 1st english translation of Qu'ran in 1734.
sura (s) Division/chapter of the Qur'an
aya, ayat Evidence/sign (another word for verses in Qur'an)
Basmalah recurring phrase "In the name of God, most gracious most merciful"
juz’ 1/30 roughly equal sections in which the Qur'an is sometimes divided. Facilitates recitation.
tawhid Concept of monotheism
I‘jaz al-Qur’an Phrase used to describe belief that Qur'an cannot be imitated due to its high quality and content.
al-Fatiha or “The Opening” The first chapter in the Qur'an ,used in everyday prayer. 7 verses.
Ninety-nine names of God 99 names of god by which Muslims regard god, and describe in the Qur'an.
Hafsa bint ‘Umar Wife of Muhammad. Copy of Qur'an used as single text to be designated.
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