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Health Science

Ergonomics science to promote safelty and well being of a person by adapting to environment.
Fire requires fuel, oxygen, heat.
RACE rescue, activate alarm, confine fire, extinguish fire.
Causes of Fire carelessness, misuse of electrical, defects in heating, spontaneaous ignition, improper disposal, arson.
Types of Extinguishers Class A, Class B, Class C, Class ABC
PASS pull, aim, squeeze, sweep.
Class A used on combustibles
Class B used on gasoline, oil, paints, etc.
Class C electrical fires
Class ABC multipurpose extinguisher.
Two Main standards occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, standaid and bloodborn pathogen standard
MSDS material safety data sheet.
Bloodborn pathogen standard protects healthcare providers from diseases caused by exposure to body fluids.
ocupational exposure employers must be informed or trained before using a chemical.
Components of ergonomics correct placement of furniture, traning in required muscle movements, avoid repetitive motion, awareness of environment,
equipment and solution safety don't operate anything unless instructed, read and follow instructions, report damage, don't use damaged objects, observe all safety rules, read labels at least three times, never use unlabled objects, no mizing,
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