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Middle East SS7H2

Ch. 21-23 Carole Marsh- Gallopade

hatred and mistreatment of the Jewish people anti-semitism
a severe example of anti-Semitism during WWII and carried by Hitler's Nazi Party Holocaust
What is now Turkey, parts of southeastern Europe, northern Africa, and southwestern Asia used to be known as the ___________________ before it ended up on the losing side of WWI. Ottoman Empire
What religion dominated the Ottoman Empire? Islam
What was Britain and France's main desire? Oil profits-
What 2 Muslim territories were merged together into the new country, Iraq, where they still struggle for power? Sunni and Shia Muslims
Amazingly, after being attacked by it's Arab neighbors, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq, this country still won it's independence and expanded its territory. Israel
The Arab nations do not recognize Israel as a _________ and much of Israel lives in isolation from its neighbors. nation
The Palestinians and the Israelis are almost always in conflict over what area of Israel? Gaza Strip
Iraq says that this country is part of Iraq since the Ottoman Empire Days. Kuwait
Fundamentalist Muslims overtook the govt. of this country in 1979 Iran
the movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine? Zionism
What happened when the number of Jews increased in Palestine after the Balfour Declaration? a quota was put on the number that could enter Palestine and ships that had smuggled Jews aboard were sent back to Germany
Even though the British were supporting Zionism at first,they changed their minds when who began to feel increasingly threatened and attacked by the Jewish settlements? Arabs
2 reasons many Europeans practiced anti-Semitism 1. Many people believed that Jews were an inferior, or lower, race 2. some people help that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ
2 things that the European govts. did to restrict the Jews 1. didn't allow them to own property 2. restricted the number who could attend college
Which political party encouraged the spread of anti- Semitism? Nazi Party
Hitler's intent was to rid the world of its "Jewish problem" Another word for this attempt in "wiping out the Jewish race" ethnic cleansing
What country did U.S. forces enter to look for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden? Afghanistan
When did the terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York, using jets as the bombs? 2001
Iraq invaded Kuwait and international forces joined to help Kuwait in this war Persian Gulf War
Which country did Saddam Hussein rule? Iraq
After the UN inspection team left Iraq some American leaders were concerned that Iraq had ___________________ of ______________ _________________________. weapons of mass destruction
Military forces from the US and Britain invaded Iraq in what year? 2003
This tyrant and dictator was captured, tried, and sentenced to death. Saddam Hussein
After the US invasion, putting Iraq back together has been difficult. US forces were attacked by what kind of movement? guerrilla resistance movement
In 2005 Iraqis did what for the first time to establish their new democratic government? voted in free elections
What is the purpose of terrorism? to carry out violence and fear to a further cause that could be political or religious
What are some ways that terrorists strike? suicide bombings, car bombings, weapons, brutal attacks, hostage situations
What is Al Quaeda? Al Quaeda is a terrorist organization aimed at destroying anyone or anything that is of the western world. They have an intense hatred against the USA.
Which country led the international coalition invading Iraq in 1991? United States
Who imposed a trade embargo against Iraq for its invasion in Kuwait? USA
Put these in order: US ground forces land in Afganistan Taliban rebuilds forces in Pakistan Terrorist attack of 9-11, 2001 Taliban rises in power against Afghanistan The US helps form a new govt. in Afghanistan It should be in this order 1. Taliban rises in power in Afghanistan 2. Terrorist attack of 9-11 3. US ground forces land in Afghanistan 4. The US helps form a new govt in Afghanistan 5. Taliban rebuilds forces in Pakistan
Created by: Sandlin