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Resp & Anti-inf Term

UAMS Dispensing Resp & Anti-infective Terms Test 3

deficiency of carbon dioxide in the blood acapnia
inflammation of nasal mucous membranes resulting from an allergic reaction allergic rhinitis
absence of breathing apnea
collapsed lung atelectasis
abnormally slow breathing bradypnea
any impairment of the voice or difficulty in speaking dysphonia
difficult or labored breathing dyspnea
a small hemorrhagic spot ecchymosis
hemorrhage from the nose epistaxis
a disorder characterized by recurrent boils furunculosis
clinical term for a boil furuncle
excess carbon dioxide in the blood hypercapnia
area of tissue death due to lack of oxygen infarct
a vague feeling of discomfort or fatique malaise
fungal infection in the mouth oral candidiasis
decrease or absence of skin coloration pallor
perversion of the sense of smell parosmia
clinical term for the sense of smell olfaction
excessive exretion of urine polyuria
clinical term for urination micturition
itching pruritis
fever pyrexia
inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes rhinitis
rhinitis that is nonallergic and noninfectious, is caused by rebound vasodilation after prolonged or excessive use of vasoconstricting nasal sprays or drops rhinitis medicamentosa
a runny nose rhinorrhea
hives urticaria
dryness of the mouth xerostomia
requiring oxygen aerobic
absence of the sense of taste ageusia
not requiring oxygen anaerobic
absence of the sense of smell anosmia
inflammation of the bladder cystitis
impaired digestion dyspepsia
vomiting emesis
inflammation of the tongue glossitis
breast enlargement in males gynecomastia
blood in the urine hematuria
the expectoration of blood or blood-stained sputum hemoptysis
cold sores herpes labialis
shingles herpes zoster
a lowered level of consciousness marked by listlessness, somnolence, and apathy lethargy
pain in a muscle myalgia
another term for pain in a muscle myodynia
an infection originating in a hospital nosocomial
involuntary, rapid, rhythmic movement of the eyeball nystagmus
pain in the eye ophthalmagra
another term for pain in the eye ophthalmodynia
a sensation of burning, prickling, or tingling on the skin paresthesia
agent that destroys lice pediculicide
infested with lice pediculosis
increases sensitivity of the skin to sunlight photosensitivity
collection of pus under the skin pustule
drowsiness somnolence
inflammation of the oral mucusa stomatitis
a ringing or roaring noise in the ears tinnitus
chickenpox varicella
blister vesicle
disease causing virulent
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