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1st Qtr Assmt- SS-7

7th Grade SS 1st qrt assment- Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Geog.

Location of Ancient Greece North of Crete & Mediteranian Sea, East of Adriatic Sea
Pros of Greece Location Near Water, Good for trade, food, travel
Cons of Greece Location Attacked easily, floods
Athens In Mountains, land locked, along Aegean coast
Sparta oligarcy, southern greece, pelopenesus
Greek contributions to our society today Olympics, art, theater, government, sculptures, comedies, pythagoreum theorum
Ancient Greece taken over by Rome took over Carthage
Location of Ancient Rome Italy
Location of Rome affect growth along coast of tyrrhenian sea, was capital so people wanted to live there
How was roman empire governed divided into provences, with each having a governor and an army
what areas did rome cover europe, asia, africa
Ancient Rome contributions to today Board games, buildings, art
Downfall of the roman empire population decline, mercenary army, barbarian invasion, greedy and corrupt rulers
Location of Byzantine empire Present day Turkey
Byzantine empire began 476 AD
Contributions of Byzantine empire Greek fire, code of justinian, saved greek/roman knowledge
two leaders of byzantine empire constantine and justinian
importance of constantine and justinian built the city of constantinople and made it a place everyone wanted to live in
Event that happened in the religion of byzantine empire Christianity which Constantinople spread
5 large countries in Europe Italy, Spain, Greece, Finland, France
5 large physical features in europe Thames River, Ural Mountains, Mediteranean Sea, Black Sea, Penopolesiun Peninsula
Name the Climate Zones inEurope Mediterahnean, humid continental, tundra, Desert, humid subtropical, highlands
climate zone combines average annual monthly temperatures and precipitation and seasonality of precipitation
mediteranian zone near the sea
humid continental zone hot and humid
tundra zone cold, with tundra plant
desert zone hot, dry
humid subtropical zone hot and in the west
highlands zone mountains
random question: what is the capitol of Kansas? Topeka
Created by: rjaniszewski