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Suffixes and Prefixes

A-,an- Without,lack of
Ab- From,away
-Able Capable of
-Ac,-ic Pertaining to
Acr-(O) Extremities(arms & legs)
Ad- To,toward,near
Aden-(O) Gland,Glandular
Adren-(O) Adrenal gland
Aer-(O) Air
-Al Like,similar,pertaining to
Alba- White
Alges-(i,ia) Pain
-Algia Pain
Ambi Both,both sides
An-(o,us) Anus(opening to rectum)
Angi-(O) Vessel
Ankyl- Crooked,looped,inmovable,fixed
Ante-(ro) Before,in front of,ahead of
Anti- Against
Append-(i,o) Appendix
Arter-(io) Artery
Arthr-(o) Joint
-Ase Enzyme
-Asis Condition of
-Asthenia Weakness,lack of strength
Ather-(O) Fatty,lipid
Audi-(O) Sound,hearing
Aur- Ear
Auto- Self
Bi-(s) Twice,double,both
Bio- Life
-Blast Germ/embryonic cell
Blephar-(O) Eyelid
Brachi- Arm
Brachy- Short
Brady Slow
Bronch-(i,o) Air tubes in lungs
Bucc-(a) Cheek
Calc-(u,ulus) Stone
Carcin-(O) Cancer,malignancy
Cardi-(a,o) Pertaining to heart
Carp-(O) Wrist
-Cele Swelling,tumor,cavity,hernia
Cent-(i) One hundred
-Centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Cephal-(O) Head,petaining to head
Cerebro- Brain
Cerv-(ic) Neck,neck of uterus
Cheil-(O) Lip
Chem-(O) Drug,chemical
Chir-(O) Hand
Chlor-(O) Green
Chol-(e,o) Bile,gallbladder
Chond-(i,r,ri) Cartilage
Chrom-(O) Color
-Cide Causing death
Circum- Around,about
-Cise Cut
-Clysis Washing,irrigation
Co-(n) With,together
-Coccus Round
-Coele Chamber,enlarged space
Col-(in,o) Colon,bowel,large intestine
Colp-(i,o) Vagina
Contra- Against,counter
Cost-(a,i,o) Rib
Crani-(o) Pertaining to the skull
-Crine Secrete
Cryo- Cold
Crypt- Hidden
Cut- Skin
Cyan-(O) Blue
Cyst-(i,o) Bladder,bag,sac
Cyt-(e,o) Cell
Dacry- Tear duct,tear
Dactyl-(O) Finger,toe
Dec-(a,i) Ten
Demi- Half
Dent-(i,o) Tooth
Derm(a,at,o) Pertaining to skin
-Desis Surgical union or fixation
Dextr-(i,o) To the right
Di-(Plo) Double,twice
Dia- Through,between,apart
Dis-(ti,to) Seperation,away from
Dors-(i,o) To the back,back
Duoden-(o) Duodenum
Dyni-(a,c) Pain
Dys- Difficult,painful,bad
E-(c) Without
-Eal Pertaining to
Ec-(ti,to) Outside,external
-Ectasis Expansion,dilation,stretching
-Ectonomy Surgical removal of
-Electr(o) Electrical
-Emesis Vomit
-Emia Blood
Encephal-(o) Brain
Endo- Within,innermost
Enter-(i,o) Intestine
Epi- Upon,over,upper
Erythro- Red
-Esis Condition of
-Esthesia Sensation,perception,feel
Eu- Well,easy,normal
Ex-(o) Outside of,beyond
Faci- Face
-Fascia Fibrous band
-Ferous Producing
Fibr-(a,i,o) Fiber,connective tissues
Fore- In front of
-Form Having the form of,shape
-Fuge Driving away,expelling
Galacto- Milk,galactose(milk sugar)
Gast-(i,ro) Stomach
-Genesis Development,production,creation
-gen(tic,ic) Origin,reproducing,causing
Genito- Organs of reproduction
-Genous Kind,type
Geront-(o) Old age,elderly
Gingiv- Gums,gingiva
Gloss-(o) Tongue
Gluc-(o) Sweetness,sugar,glucose
Gly-(co) Sugar
-Gram Tracing,picture,record
-Graph Diagram,instrument for recording
Hem-(a,ato,o) Blood
Hemi- Half
Hepat-(o) Liver
Herni- Rupture
Hetero- Other,unlike,different
Hist-(o) Tissue
Hom-(eo,o) Same,like
Hydro- Water
Hyper- Excessive,high,over,increased,more than normal
Hypno- Sleep
Hypo Decreased,deficient,low,under,less than normal
Hyster-(o) Uterus
-ia,-iasis Condition of,abnormal/pathological state
-ic,-ac Pertaining to
Idio- Peculiar to an individual,self-originating
Ile-(o,um) ileum
Infra- Beneath,below
Inter- Between,among
Intra- Within,into,inside
-Ism Condition,theory,state of being
Iso- Equal,alike,same
-itis Inflammation,inflammation of
Kerat-(o) Cornea of eye
-Kinesis,-Kinetic Motion
Labi-(a,o) Lip
Lacrima- Tears
Lact-(o) Milk
Lapar-(o) Abdomen,abdominal wall
Laryng-(o) Larynx(voice box)
Latero- Side
-Lepsy Seizure,convulsion
Leuco-,Leuko- White
Lingua-(a,o) Tongue
Lip-(o) Fat,lipids
Lith-(o) Stone,calculus
-Logy Study of,science of
Lymph-(o) Lymph tissue
-Lys(is,o) Destruction,dissolving of
Macro- Large
Mal- Bad,abnormal,disordered,poor
Malac-(ia) Softening of a tissue
Mamm-(o) Breast,mammary glands
-Mania Insanity,mental disorder
Mast-(o) Breast
Med-(i) Middle,midline
-Megaly,Mega Large,enlarged
Melan-(o) Black
Mening-(o) Membranes covering the the brain and spinal cord
Meno- Monthly,menstruation
Mes-(o) Middle,midline
-Meter Measuring instrument,measure
-Metry Measurment
Micro- Small
Mono- One,single
-Mortem Death
Muc-(o,us) Mucus,secretion of mucous membrane
Multi- Many,much,a large amount
My-(o) Muscle
Myc-(o) Fungus
Myel-(o) Bone marrow,spinal cord
Myring-(o) Eardrum,tympanic membrane
Narc-(o) Sleep,number,stupor
Nas-(o) Nose
-Natal Birth
Necr-(o) Death
Neo- New
Nephr-(r,ro) Kidney
Neur-(o) Nerve,nervous system
Noct-(i) Night,at night
Non- No,none
Ocul-(o) Eye
-Ode,-oid Form,shape,like,resembling
Odont-(o) Tooth
Olig-(o) Few,less than normal,small
-Ologist Person who does/studies
-Ology Study of,science of
-Oma Tumor,a swelling
Onco- Mass,bulk,tumor
Oophor-(o) Ovary,female egg cell
Ophthalm-(o) Eye
-Opia Vision
-Opsy To view
Opt-(ic) Vision,eye
Or-(o) Mouth
Orch-(ido) Testicle,testes
-Orreah Flow,discharge
Orth-(o) Normal,straight
Ost-(e,eo) Bone
-Oscopy Diagnostic examination
-Osis Condition,state,process
Ot-(o) Ear
-Otic Pertaining to a condition
-Otomy Cutting into
-Ous Full of,containing,pertaining to,condition
Ovi-,Ovario Egg,female sex gland,ovary
Pan- All,complete,entire
Pancreat-(o) Pancreas
Para- Near,beside,beyond,abnormal,lower half of the body
-Paresis Paralysis
-Partum Birth,labor
Path-(ia,o,y) Disease,abnormal condition
Ped-(ia) Child
-Penia Lack of,abnormal reduction in number,deficiency
Pent-(a) Five
-Pepsia,-Pepsis Digestion
Per- Through by,excessive
Peri- Around
-Pexy Fixation
Phag-(o) Eat,ingest
-Phage,-Phagia To eat,consuming,swallow
Pharyng-(o) Pharynx,throat
-Phas,-phasia Speech
-Philia,-Philic Affinity for,attracted to
Phleb-(o) Vein
-Phobia fear
Phon-(o) Sound,voice
-Phylaxis Protecion,prevention
-Plasty Surgical correction or repair
-Plegia Paralysis
Pleuro- Side,rib
-Pnea Breathing
Pneum-(o,on) Lung,pertaining to the lungs,air
Pod-(e,o) Foot
Poly- Many,much
Post- After,behind
Pre- Before,in front of
Pro- In front of,forward
Proct-(o) Rectum,rectal,anus
Psora- Itch
Pseudo- False
Psych-(i,o) Pertaining to the mind
-Ptosis Drooping down,sagging,downward displacement
Pulmon-(o) Lung
Py-(o) Pus
Pyel-(o) Renal pelvis of kidney
Pyr-(o) Heat,fever
Quad-(ra,ri) Four
Radi-(o) X-Rays,radiation
Re- Back,again
Rect-(o) Rectum
Ren-(o) Kidney
Retro- Backward,in back,behind
Rhin-(o) Nose,pertaining to
-Rraphy Suture of,sewing up of a gap or defect
-Rrhagia Sudden or excessive flow
-Rrhea Flow,discharge
-Rrhexis Rupture of,bursting
Salping-(i,o) Tube,fallopian tube
Sanguin-(o) Blood
Sarc-(o) Malignant(cancer) connective tissue
-Sarcoma Tumor,cancer
Scler-(o) Hardening
-Sclerosis Dryness or hardness
-Scope Examining instrument
-Scopy Observation
-Sect Cut
Semi- Half,part
Sep-(ti) Poison,rot,infection
Sinistr-(o) Left
Soma-(t) Body
Son-(o) Sound
-Spasm Involuntary contraction
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