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200 drugs 7

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Aggrenox   Aspirin- Dipyridamole  
Differin   Adapalene  
Lumigan   Bimatoprost  
Spiriva Handihaler   Tiotropium  
Armour Thyroid   Thyroid  
Enablex   Darifenacin  
Prilosec   Omeprazole  
Xanax   Alprazolam  
Coreg   Carvedilol  
Levaquin   Levofloxacin  
Relpax   Eletriptan  
Zyloprim   Allopurinal  
Ultram   Tramadol  
Benzaclin   Clindamycin- Benzoyl peroxide  
Glycolax   Polyethlene gycol 3350  
Paxil   Paroxetine  
Vibramycin   Doxycycline Hyclate  
Chantix   Varenicline  
Keflex   Cephalexin  
Topamax   Topiramate  
Avelox   Moxifloxacin  
Fluzone   Influenza Vaccine  
Micronase or Diabeta   Glyburide  
Tussionex   Chlorpheniramine- Hydrocodone  
Namenda   Memantine  


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Created by: drea08