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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

  Abnormal condition of gallstones  
  after a meal  
  destruction of the pancreas  
  difficult digestion  
  discharge of fat  
  discharge through  
  disease of the intestine  
hepatomegaly   enlargement of the liver  
hyperemesis   excessive vomiting  
appendectomy   excision of the appendix  
  excisions of the gums  
  forming an opening in the colon  
  forming an opening in the ileum  
  herniation of the rectum  
  incision of the sigmoid colon  
  inflammation around a tooth  
appendicitis   inflammation of the appendix  
  inflammation of the mouth  
  inflammation of the pharynx and tonsils  
  instrument for examining the esophagus  
  involuntary contraction of the pylorus  
  pain in the stomach  
buccal   pertaining to cheek  
anal   pertaining to the anus  
  pertaining to the cheek  
  pertaining to the lips  
  pertaining to the tongue  
  pertaining to under the tongue  
  removal of the gallbladder  
  removal of the tongue  
  small portion of the bile vessel  
proctologist   specialist in the study of the anus and rectum  
orthodontist   specialist of straight teeth  
  stone in the salivary gland  
  surgical repair of the bile duct  
  surgical repair of the lip  
  suture of the jejunum  
aerophagia   swallowing air  
dentist   teeth specialist  
duodenumoscopy   visual examination of the duodenum  
anorexia   without appetite  


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Created by: christinamcrae