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spelling words

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Thormbopenia   two few clotting  
Lymphadenitis   Inflammation of lymph glands  
Epiglottis   Flap of cartilage that covers larynx when a person swallows.  
Influenza   Inflammation of the larynx  
Pathogen   Disease baring organsim  
Hematopiesis   Process of forming blood  
croup   Acute viral respiratory infection most common in infants and small children  
Anemia   Redcution in number of red blood cells (RBC)  
Lymphoma   Tumor of lymphatic Tissue  
Ventilation   Movement of air in and out of lungs  
Phlebotomist   A person who specializes in blood removal  
Pneumothorax   Collection of air and gas in pleural caivty  
Cila   little hairs to keep out dust particles/ pathogens  
Otorhinolaryngology   Ear nose and throat doctor  
Serum   Clear sticky fluid  
Pneumonia   Inflammation conditions of the lungs  
Edema   Condition in which body tissue contains excessive amounts of fluid  
Hemostasis   To stop bleeding, or stagnatiuon of blood circulation  
Bronchioles   Narrowest air tubes in lungs  
Spleneoctomy   Excision of spleen  
Rhinorrhea   Excreation of fluid from nose  
Vaccination   Provides protection against communicable diseases  
Adenoids   Tonsils  
Alveoli   Tiny air sacs at the end of each bronchiole  
Antigen   Substance capable of inducing formation of antibodies  
Laryngitis   inflamation of the larynx  
Lymphoma   tumor  
metastasize   cancerous cells migrate  
pulmonary embolism   blood clot air bubble in pulmonary artery  
splenectomy   surgical removal of spleen  


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