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Combining Forms for Radiology

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

act/o   action  
angi/o   blood vessel; lymphatic vessel  
antero/o   before;front part  
aort/o   aorta  
arteri/o   artery  
arthr/o   joint  
astr/o   starlike structure  
axi/o   axis  
blast/o   immature; embryonic  
cardi/o   heart  
cholangi/0   bile duct  
chol/e   gall bladder  
chori/o   fetal membrane; chorion  
cin/e   movement  
cyst/o   bladder; fluid-filled sac; semisolid  
densit/o   density  
dos/o   dose  
duc/o   bring; move  
ech/o   echo; sound wave  
electr/o   electricity  
esphag/o   esophagus  
excret/o   removing from the body  
fluor/o   fluorescence  
fus/o   pouring  
gastr/o   stomach  
gli/o   cells that provide support  
gnos/o   knowledge  
hyster/o   uterus; womb  
intestine/o   intestine  
iodin/o   iodine  
later/o   side  
log/o   word; study of  
luc/o   clear  
lymph/o   lymph; lymphatic system  
magnet/o   magnet  
mamm/o   breast  
medull/o   medulla (inner region)  
myel/o   bone marrow; spinal cord  
nucle/o   nucleus (of an atom)  
pancreat/o   pancreas  
pharmaceutic/o   medicine; drug  
poster/o   back part  
project/o   orientation  
pyel/o   renal pelvis  
quantitat/o   quantity or amount  
radi/o   radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation  
roentgen/o   x-rays; radiation  
salping/o   uterine (fallopian) tube  
scint/i   point of lignt  
son/o   sound  
techn/o   technical skill  
tom/o   cut;slice;layer  
trac/o   visible path  
ur/o   urine; urinary system  
ven/o   vein  
ventilat/o   movement of air  
vent/o   a coming  
ventricul/o   ventricle (lower heart chamber; chamber of the brain)  
xer/o   dry  


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Created by: vikingmedterm