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Combining Forms - Chapter 9

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

audi(o), audit(o)   hearing  
aur(o), auricul(o)   hearing  
blephar(o)   eyelid  
cerumin(o)   wax  
cochle(o)   cochlea  
conjunctiv(o)   conjunctiva  
cor(o), core(o)   pupil  
corne(o)   cornea  
cycl(o)   ciliary body  
ir(o), irid(o)   iris  
kerat(o)   cornea  
lacrim(o)   tears  
mastoid(o)   mastoid process  
myring(o)   eardrum, middle ear  
nas(o)   nose  
ocul(o)   eye  
ophthalm(o)   eye  
opt(o), optic(o)   eye  
ossicul(o)   ossicle  
phac(o), phak(o)   lens  
pupill(o)   pupil  
retin(o)   retina  
scler(o)   white of the eye  
scot(o)   darkness  
tympan(o)   eardrum, middle ear  
uve(o)   uvea  


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