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6th Grade:History

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

landlocked   having no border with ocean or sea  
pass   space people can use to travel through a mountain range  
navigable   referring to a body of water wide and deep enough for ships to use  
deciduous   trees that lose their leaves in the fall  
coniferous   referring to evergreen trees that have their seeds in cones  
mistral   cold, dry winter wind form the North that strikes southern France  
sirocco   hot winds from Africa that blow across Southern Europe  
classical   referring to the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome  
city-state   independent political unit that includes a city and a surrounding area  
reunification   the act of being brought back together  
neutrality   refusal to take sides in a war between other countries  
dry farming   agriculture that conserves water and uses crops and growing methods suited to semiarid environments  
autonomy   having independence from another country  
subsidy   special payment made by a government to support a particular group or industry  
command economy   economic system in which the government to support a particular group or industry  
market economy   economic system in which individuals make the decisions about how resources are used and what goods and services to provide  
potash   mineral salt used in making fertilizer  
ethnic cleansing   forcing people from one ethnic or religious group to leave an area so that it can be used for another group  
democracy   form of limited government in which power with the people, and all citizens share in running the government  
republic   government in which people choose their leaders  
emperor   all-powerful leader  
pope   head of the Roman Catholic church  
feudalism   form of government in which power is divided between the federal or national government and the state government  
nation-state   country formed of people who share common culture and history  
revolution   one complete circuit around the sun;sweeping change  
Holocaust   mass killing of 6 million European Jews by Germanys Nazi leaders during WW11  
communism   system of government in which the government controls the ways of producing goods.  
ethnic group   people with a common language, history, religion and some physical traits  
welfare group   country where the government is the main provider of support for the sick, needy, and the retired  
fertility rate   average number of children born to each woman  
urbanization   growth of cities  
secular   nonreligious  
consitutional monarchy   form of government in which a monarch is the head of state but selected officals run  
parliamentary democracy   form government in which voters elect representatives to law making body called Parliament, and members of Parliament vote for an official called the prime minister to head the government  
peat   plants partly decayed in water which can be dried and burned for fuel  
bog   low swampy area  
productivity   measure of how much work a person produces in a set amount of time  
geyser   spring of water heated by molten rock inside the earth that, from time to time shoots hot water into the air  
fjord   narrow u-shaped coastal valley with steep sides formed by the actions of glaciers  
geothermal energy   electricity produced by natural underground sources of steam  
specialization   focusing on certain economic activities to make the best use of resources  
high-technology industry   areas of business that include making computer and other products with sophisticated engineerings  
bilingual   accepting two official languages; able to speak two languages  
polder   reclaimed wetlands that use a system of dikes and pumps to keep out the sea water  
multinational company   company that has locations in more than one country  


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Created by: lgraupner