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Key Verbs

verbal variations of stem word verbs

-algia pain neur/algia- nerve/pain
-audi; -audio hear; hearing audio/meter- hearing/meter
bio- to live bio/logy- study of living
cau-; caus- to burn caus/algia- burning/pain
-centesis puncture; perforate pneumono/centesis- lung/punture
-clas; -clast; -clasis to smash; breakdown cyto/clasis- cell/breakdown
-duct-; -doch- canal or to draw ab/duct/ion- away/draw or lead/ process
-dynia pain thoraco/dynia - chest/pain
-ecta; ectasis to dialate vas/ectasis- vessel/dialated
-edem- to swell lymph/edema- watery/swelling
-ethes/ia; -phoro- to feel (physical) to sense (mental) an/esthesia- without/body feeling (weakness) eu/phoria- good mental feeling
-fiss-; -schiz- to split fiss/ion- splitting/process of
-flec; -flex- to bend re/flex- again/bend
flu-; flux- to flow af/flu/ent- toward/flow/refers to re/flux- again/flow
-gen to produce, form, develop, or begin carcino/gen/esis- crab leg like/development/condition
-iatr; -iatr/o; -therap/y to treat; cure ger/iatr/ics- old age/cure/procedure
-kine-; -kino-; kineso- -praxia to move kinesi/ol/og/y- study of motion/procedure of
-liga; -desis to bind liga/ment- to bind/smallness
-o/log/y to study cardi/o/log/y- study of/science or study of/process of
-ly-; -lysis to break up; to dissolve auto/lysis- cell self-destruction
-morph-; -morpho- form; shape a/morph/ous- no definite form/refers to
olfact-; -osmia to smell olfacto/phobia- fear of smells
-op-; opt-; -opto; -opsy vision; sightl or to see my/opia- near-sighted bi/o/psy- live/viewing
palpit- to flutter palpit/ation- flutter/ refers to
-par; -part; -partus-; -toci- to labor partur/ition- giving birth/process of dys/toc/ia- act of difficult/birth/refers to
-pep- to digest dys/pep/sia- faulty/disgestion/refers to
-pexy to fix nerph/o/pex/y- kidney/surgical fixation/procedure of
-phag-; -phago- to eat phago/cytosis- eating/cells increase
-phas- to speak; utter dys/phas/ia- difficulty/speakng/ refers to
-phil- to like; love; affinity for hemo/phil/iac- blood/love/refers to
-phob- to fear hydro/phob/ia- water/fear/refers to
-phrag- fence off; to wall off dia/phragm- across/partition acoss
-plas;-plasm; -plast/y -pleg- repair; form; to grow rhino/plasty- nose/repairing neo/plasm- new/growth
-pnea to breathe lack of/ breathing
phono voice or sound a/phon/ia- lack of/voice or sound/refers to
-poie- to make hemat/o/poie/sis- blood making condition
-ptosis to fall to droop splanchn/o/ptosis- viscera/drooping
o/rrhagia to burst forth; pour men/o/rrhagia- abnormal bleeding mentration/ refers to
-o/rrhaphy to stuture nephr/o/rrhaph/y- suture or sewing procedure of
-therp/y heal; treat; cure chem/o/therp/y- chemicals/cure/procedure of
-tomy to cut; in/cise append/ec/tom/y- appendage/out/cut/refers to
-troph-; -troph/y to nourish; to develop; formation process hyper/troph/y- increase/in size or over-nourishment/process of
-volvo- to turn; twist volv/ulus- twisting of internal part/refers to
-vulvo- to cover vulv/us- female gential covering/refers to
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