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APG Chapter 3 Fed

Federalism in the Lineberry book

What two major changes have been seen in American Federalism in the past two centuries? A gradual shift from dual federalism to cooperative federalism AND the rise of fiscal federalism
What is the difference in the level of cooperation between Federal and State governments when comparing dual federalism to cooperative federalism? In dual federalism there is less overlap in Federal and State policies whereas in cooperative federalism Federal and State policies often affect the same subjects
Modern Federal involvement in highway construction and education are examples of this type of federalism. Cooperative federalism
What are the characteristics of cooperative federalism? shared costs, federal guidelines, shared administration
How does the Federal government have economic influence over the States? grants
What percentage of State funds is from Federal aid? 25%
What do we call using Federal dollars in one program to influence State and local policy in another program? cross-over sanctions
What is a way for the Federal government to regulate State spending without issuing edicts? categorical grants
Which President forcefully argued that States had the primary responsibility for governing in most areas? Ronald Reagan
When polled, what do most people believe should be responsible for education policy? State government
What was Congress trying to curtail by requiring antifraud specifications on birth certificates and driver's licenses? illegal immigration
In the 1990s, Republicans designated the Federal government as sole regulator of products like mutual funds and agricultural chemicals for this purpose. Reduce government interference in the marketplace by having only one set of regulations
How does a decentralized government affect us? With more layers of government we have more opportunities for political participation - more points of access to affect policy
How does Federalism enhance judicial power? Because of conflicts between different government institutions an umpire is needed to resolve disputes. The courts serve as umpire.
How does Federalism decentralize our policies? It splits power between Federal and State governments and the issue becomes who controls what. example: railroads, child labor, minimum wages
Why do States have direct responsibility for social and family policies? The Constitution does not provide that power to the Federal government.
How do social policy issues become influenced by Federal government? Fiscal federalism and Court rulings
The Civil War is seen as a struggle over slavery. What was the Civil War a struggle BETWEEN? states
What areas of policy require the Full Faith and Credit Clause to function properly? social policy and economic policy
What did the 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Education hold? School segregation is unconstitutional
Who usually has jurisdiction if a car is stolen or a murder committed? This is usually a State matter unless the act involved Federal workers, Federal property, or involved crossing State lines
What is required of a State if a fugitive from another State is in their custody? extradiction
What two constitutional principles did the Marshall Court set forth in McCulloch v. Maryland? Supremacy of Federal Law and the Federal government has Implied Powers
Who were the two lawyers arguing the McCulloch case? Daniel Webster for the National Bank and Luther Martin for Maryland
Which court case defined Congress' control of commerce broadly to include most forms of commerce? Gibbons v. Ogden
Which recent court cases did the Supreme Court limit the definition of commerce? US v. Lopez, US v. Morrison, Seminole Tribe of Florida v. Florida
What did Printz v. US and Mack v. US decide? It ruled Brady Bill requirements for local police background checks unconstitutional
What Texas law did Alfonso Lopez get charged for? possession of firearms on school premises
What Federal act did Alfonso Lopez violate? Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990
What court decision determined the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990 exceeded Congress' commerce powers? US v. Lopez
Why is it important to study American Federalism? to understand the relationships between different levels of government
What determines the bulk of welfare policy? the States
How did Federalism affect efforts to end racial discrimination? It hindered civil rights progress
What are some examples of State and Local government areas of responsibility? education, elections, public health
How many governments, including local governments, are there in the U.S.? 87,576
What do we call the strings attached to Federal grants? Federal Guidelines
What is the term for the kind of administration in which State and local governments implement federal policies while having administrative powers of their own? shared administration
What was the purpose of welfare reform in the mid-1990s? reduce poverty & spending while cutting benefits
Mid-1990s immigration reform required State and local officials to do what? meet Federal anti-fraud specifications for birth certificates and drivers licenses
What are grants that are determined by population, income, rural/urban designation, and other characteristics? formula grants
What principle does the whole of federal grant distribution follow and what does it mean? universalism means something for everyone
What do mandates do? They direct State and local governments to comply with federal rules or face penalties and/or loss of grant money
What percentage of the Medicaid bill is paid by the national government? between 50 and 83 percent
Name at least 2 powers granted by the constitution to the state governments. 1)Make local governments 2)Regulate commerce in state 3)Hold elections 4)Ratify Amendments to the federal Constitution 5)Take measures for public health, safety, & morals 6)Exert powers the Constitution does not delegate to the national government
What 3 items were "supreme law of the land"? 1)The Constitution 2)Laws of the National Government 3)Treaties
What big issue does the 10th Amendment resolve? Boundaries/Distributions of Powers (Gives states power but never more than the government)
Out of the Federal government and the states who did the Constitution favor? The Federal Government
What modern features of interstate commerce did not exist when the Constitution was written? Radio signals, electricity, telephone messages, internet
Which Constitutional clause allows birth certificates to be valid in all states? full faith and credit clause
What type of Federalism did Reagan fight for? dual federalism or marble cake federalism
In Reagan's inaugural address, Reagan argued States had this kind of responsibility for governing in most areas of policy. primary responsibility
What are 3 powers granted Fedeal government in the Constitution? coin money, tax, conduct foreign relations, borrow money, regulate interstate commerce, establish federal courts, provide an army and navy
What are 3 powers denied in the Constitution? import/export taxes between states, change state boundaries without consent, grant titles of nobility
The McCulloch v. Maryland case settled the dispute concerning what? Immplied and Enumerated Powers
What two conditions must Congress meet according to the Elastic Clause in order to pass laws? The laws must be "necessary and proper" as defined in Article I, Section 8
Supreme Court gave Congress power to regulate interstate trade (Gibbons v. Ogden) encompassing every form of commercial activity with the ecxception of... Local Commercial Activity
What year did the Court "reverse" itself and cease trying to restrict the National Government's efforts to reglate commerce at any level? 1937
Who's the most awesome teacher ever? Mr. McNair :D
Created by: Federales
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