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Unit 2: Government

The U.S. Founding Fathers got the idea of what from the Greeks? Direct Democracy
What ancient civilization developed representative democracy? Romans
In what time period did the belief in Divine Right to rule by a king go away? Enlightenment Era
Who developed the idea of the "social contract?" Jean Rousseau
When population is too high for everyone to cast a vote on everything to be decided upon, it’s easier to choose representatives to cast votes for a larger group. This is called ____________________________________________________. representative democracy
Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense” which argued that the British colonists should overthrow their king. He was inspired by who from the Enlightenment Era? John Locke
Today, the idea from the Enlightenment time period of dividing the powers of government into different branches can be seen in what document? U.S. Constitution
European Baron de Montequieu wrote of the benefits of ___________________ in a government into multiple branches during the Enlightenment Era. Separation of Powers
Our Founding Fathers make reference to humans having ________________ in The Declaration of Independence written to the king of England. Natural Rights
Today, the U.S. Constitution has the underlying principle of self-government through voting. This idea is also seen in the first plan of self-government found in the New World known as the ____________________. Mayflower Compact
Weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation are due to the lack of power in the _______ government. Federal
The Articles of Confederation created a national currency problem because it allowed _____________ to print money. All states
One major problem with the Articles of Confederation was due to the federal government not having the ability to____________. Tax
The Articles of Confederation created only what branch of government? Legislative
Nothing could ever be fixed in the Articles of Confederation because it required what? A unanimous vote of yes
The Articles of Confederation was done away with to create a constitution based on what form of government? Federalism
_________________is the sharing of powers between a strong federal government and weaker state governments. Federalism
Powers taken from the state governments and delegated to the federal government are called _______________powers. Enumerated
Powers that belong to the state are called ______________ powers. Reserved
Powers not granted to any government and are retained by the people are called ________ powers. Denied
Because the constitution says that it is the federal government’s duty to regulate interstate trade, the regulation of airports allowing the importation and exportation of goods across the United States is a/an ___________ power. Implied
Alexander Hamilton felt the federal government had the right to create a national bank. This makes him a/an____________________. Federalist
Because both the federal and state governments need an income to run government, the ability to tax is a ______________ power. Concurrent
The ability to sign treaties with foreign nations or declare war on foreign nations is a/an __________ power. Enumerated
The marriage laws in a state’s constitution may differ from state to state. This is possible because the creation of marriage laws is a ______________ power. Reserved
The U.S. Constitution forbids any person from being declared royalty or nobility. The inability to do this is due to ____________ powers. Denied
The largest debate at the Constitutional Convention was over the issue of ____________ in the legislative branch. representation
Today, the legislative branch consists of two houses. The upper house is the Senate with equal representation making __________ states happy. small
The creation of today’s legislative branch is the work of Connecticut delegate_________________. Roger Sherman
If two states have similar counts of their population, then they will have a/an __________ number of votes in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. equal
The 3/5 Compromise solved debates by allowing southern states to count part of their population when determining ________________________. representation and taxation
The Trade Compromise allowed for individual states to regulate trade within their state. Supporters of this policy are called ________________. Anti-Federalists
Those who favored ratification of the new constitution were _________________. Federalists
Those that opposed the new constitution called for a ___________________________________________. Bill of Rights
Each time the Constitution in changed a/an _____________ is added. amendment
Enough states finally ratified the constitution after the 10th amendment which __________________ powers to the state governments to make laws and guarantee liberties not expressed in the federal constitution. reserved
The Founding Fathers wrote ______________________________ at the beginning of the Constitution explaining the reasons for writing it. the Preamble
To promote the general welfare, to ensure domestic tranquility and to provide for the common defense explains the need for _______________________________________________. federal taxation
To establish justice explains the need for how what branch of government? Judicial Branch
When the Southern states succeeded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America, they based their government on the idea that power should reside in the state governments. This idea is reflected in what constitution? Articles of Confederation
The best way to help a political party get into office is to _______________________for them. campaign
Income taxes are collected on what two levels? federal and state
The following describes the legislative branch: bi-cameral, 2 houses, congress. bi-cameral 2-house congress
What is the highest court of the United States? Federal Supreme Court.
The number of seats a state gets in the House of Representatives is based on ___________. population
Louisiana has 7 US representatives, Louisiana has 9 members in the federal congress because each state has 2 ____________________. Senators
. When a president receives a bill he may approve, veto or __________ it. pocket
To ___________ a bill is to approve it without signing it. pocket
If the president vetoes a bill, the ____________ branch can override the veto. legislative branch
Another word for indirect democracy is ____________________. representative democracy
Parliament is a ___________branch of government. legislative
Each term for a president lasts __________years. 4
____________________ are beneficial because they create infrastructure. taxes
A/an ___________ tax adds an extra tax on certain products to keep from taxing necessary products even more excise tax
A strong federal government and weaker state governments is a system of government known as ____________. federalism
The judicial branch ruling a bill unconstitutional is an example of __________________ checks and balances
As citizens we have all of the following ____________: obey laws, pay taxes and attend school. duties
. The statement in the preamble, “_______________,” means the federal government must keep peace among the people of our nation. to ensure domestic tranquility
The U.S. census is taken every _________ years. 10
An example of a ____________group would be an environmentalist. special interest group
An example of a peaceful way to resolve a political conflict (civil disobedience) is to ___________. boycott
When the American colonies refused to purchase tea from England they were ________________. boycotting
The creation of our two house legislature is an example of a ______________. compromise
To become a citizen, one must go through the ______________. naturalization process
Article 6 of the US Constitution states that the federal government has ______________ over the states. ultimate authority
. The only political office requiring the person holding it to be born in the US is the ____________. president/vice president
The president must be at least ______years old and may only serve 2 terms of 4 years each. 35
A request from a local government for higher __________ is typically used to fund public schools. property taxes
. A senator must be at least 30 and may serve an unlimited number of ________ year terms. 6
Most of the rights in the Bill of Rights have to do with ______________. the rights of the accused
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