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Safety practices


main keyfirst set of under bulletssecond bullets
Infection requires three elements source of microorganisms, a susceptable host, a means of transmission to the host blank
Methods of transmission 1 contact, droplet, airborne, 4 common vehicle, through vectors 1 direct or indirect through an inanimate, 4 mosquitoes, flies, rats, and other such vermin
Infection symptomatic, asymptomatic, 3 local infection, 4 systemic infection 3 limited to a small area of the body, 4 located throughout the body
signs and symptoms of a general infection fever, chills, pain, aches, tenderness, general feeling of tiredness, night sweats blank
signs and symptoms of a local infection redness, heat, swelling, pain, fluid blank
Isolation precautions standard isolation precaution are applied to all patients, Transmission-based precautions are applied to patients with known or suspected infections blank
Handwashing whenever visibly soiled, before and after patient contact, after contact with body fluids or moist surfaces, after removing gloves blank
Personal Protect Equipment and attire gloves, gowns, eye protection, head cover, footwear blank
engineering and work practice controls leakproof sharps disposal, no recapping of needles blank
Education training records to be kept for 3 years blank
housekeeping, waste disposal, laundry surfaces cleaned and decontaminated, regulated or biowaste disposal, sharps disposal boxes, soiled laundry - minimum contact and agitation (blank)
hepatitis b vaccine offered at no cost (blank)
employee exposure protocol injured employee seen and treated within 2 hours of incident, written exposure control plan (blank)
records and written plans employee medical records confidential and maintained for 30 years (blank)