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Foods I


Foodbourne Illness A disease transmitted by food
Food Safety How food is handled to prevent foodbourne illness
food Sanitation The cleanliness of equipment and facilities
Salmonella Foodbourne illness caused by bacteria found in uncooked poultry, meats, and eggs
E-Coli Foodbourne illness cause by bacteria found in raw or uncooked ground beef
Complyobacter Foodbourne illness caused by bacteria found in undercooked meats, unpasturized dairy, and untreated water
Norwalk Virus Foodbourne illness caused by a virus found in untreated water sources.
Sanitizer A substance for killing bacteria
Cross Contamination The passing of bacteria, microorganisms, or other harmful substances indirectly
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
Temperature Danger Zone Temp. zone in which bacteria grows (between 40-140)
Chronic Conditions A disease that is long lasting or recurrent
Non-Porous Surface that is impenetrable
Food-Grade Metal Metal that is approved to hold food items
Non-Conductive Metal metals that do not trasmit electric currents
Antiseptic A substance which kills or retards the frowth of microorganisms.
Sterile Bandage A bandage that is free from dirt and germs
Abdominal Thrust Exerting pressure on a victims abdomen to alleviate choking
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