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Chapter 15 word part

Al pertaining to
Albumin albumin (protein in the blood)
Anter/o before, front
Apic apex
Arthro joint
Auscult/a listen
Bacteri bacteria
Calsi calcium, lime, the heel
Centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
Cine relationship to movement
Creatin creatine
Crit to seperate
Cutane skin
Endo in, within, inside
Fluor/o glowing, luminous
Globin protein
Glycos glucose, sugar
Graph a picture or record, machine for recording record
Graphy the process of producing a picture or record
Hemat/o blood, relating to the blood
Hyper excessive, increased
Hypo deficient, decreased
Ia abnormal condition, disease, plural of -ium
Ior pertaining to
Keton ketones, acetones
Lapar/o abdomen, abdominal wall
Lingu tongue
Ophthalm/o eye, vision
Otomy cutting, surgical incision
Ous pertaining to, made of, containing
Per excessive, through
Phleb vein
Poster behind, toward the back
Protein protein
Py pus
Radi radiation, x-rays, radius (lateral lower arm bone)
Scope instrument for visual examination
Steth/o chest
Sub under, less, below
Therm heat
Tion process, state or quality o
Tom/o cut, section, slice
Uria urination, urine
Created by: HillbillyHol26