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Clinical Correlatio

Clinical correlations of the abdomen

Do sympathetics slow things down or speed them up? Slow things down
Do parasympathetics slow things down or speed them up? Speed things up
What does visceral pain mean in regards to affernts? Means visceral afferents are being stimulated
Does the vagus give you referred pain back to the CNS? No
What type of symptoms make up vagal symptoms? Clammy and skin is cold
Does visceral pain go away? No
What pain can sometimes overshadow visceral pain? Somatic pain
True or False: Visceral pain can be felt in one spot while somatic pain is felt in another spot? True
If the intestine is dead are there localizing symptoms in a cat scan? No
What artery supplies the region from T8 to T12? Superior mesenteric artery
If there is blood from inferiro mesenteric artery that is compromised where would you feel it? In the lower back
If there is pain around T8 or below below the xiphoid process what structure can you think of? Gallbladder
Where do 95% of clots/peripheral emboli start? Left atrium
Are superior mesenteric thrombosis and superior mesenteric artery embolization separated disease entities? Yes
What is an example of voluntary guarding? When a patient tenses up
Name some peritoneal signs Peritoneal irritation or inflammation
Do gallstones hurt? They hurt when they move
Where can gallstones travel? Into the fundus or wedged and the bile gets infected. Stone can block the sphincter where the pancreas joins
Name aspects of splenic artery aneurism They can rupture, if the aneurism is under 2cm you don't have to worry about it. It is more common in women due to childbearing.
Around what Tarea is the appendiix loacated? T8 area
If the appendix becomes inflammed in what area will it cause pain? T8-T12 area
What other inflammation can give signs like appendicitis? Meckel's Diverticulum yolk sac remnant
What region is the inguinal ring? T12-L1
Describe intussusception small Intestine can telescope on itself. Pain is felt from T8 to T12
Describe volvolus Twist of large intestine, usually at the sigmoid because the sigmoid is long