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Anatomy Second Test

Simplest Chemical Unit of Matter? Atoms
What is a Synthesis Reaction? Chemical reaction that results in a combination.
Other name for Synthesis Reaction? Anabolism
Example of Synthesis? A+B= AB
What is a Decomposition Reaction? Chemical Reaction that breaks down a chemical.
Other name for Decomposition Reaction? Catabolism
Example of Decomposition? AB-> A+B
What are the 2 main parts of a a reaction? Reactants and Products
What is an Endergonic Reaction? Chemical Reaction where heat is absorbed.
Example of Endergonic Reaction? A+B+energy -> AB
What is an Exergonic Reaction? Chemical Reaction where heat is released.
Example of Endergonic Reaction? A+B -> AB + energy
Organic compounds contain what 3 elements? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
Organic compound in a 1:2:1 ratio Carbohydrates
Name sub category of Carbohydrates from smallest to largest. Monosaccarides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides.
Monosaccharides contain what simple sugars? Glucose and Fructose.
What are two examples of Dissacharides? Lactose and Sucrose.
What are two examples of Polysaccharides? Starches and Cellulose.
Organic Compound used for insulation and energy reserves? Lipids
What is an example of a Lipid? Fat, Waxes, Oils, Steriods.
What organic compound contains C,H,O and Nitrogen? Proteins
Organic compounds that store and process genetic info? Nucleic Acids
What percent of body weight do Carbohydrates make up? 3%
What percent of body weight do Lipids make up? 12-15%
What percent of body weight do Proteins make up? 20%
What percent of body weight does nucleic acids make up? Less than 1%
Nucleic acids contain what three things? Nitrogenous base, 5 Carbon Sugar, and a Phosphate back bone
Element for bones, teeth, nerve impulses and muscle contractions? Calcium
Element found in proteins, nucleic acids, and amino acids? Nitrogen.
Element found in all living things? Carbon
This element helps in respiration? Oxygen.
Element found in both RNA and DNA Phosphorus
Element found in many proteins? Sulfur
Element used in large intestine for water reabsorbtion? Clhorine
Element used in muscle contractions and nerve impulses Potassium
Element that carries oxygen to blood? Iron
Element used in thyroid gland Iodine
Carb that can't be digested by Humans? Cellulose
Functions of Lipids? Energy Storage, Cell membrane, and shock absorber
Most important metabolic fuel in body? Glucose
Functions of Proteins? Support, movement, transport
3 types of RNA mRNA, tRNA, rRNA
Functions of nucleic acids? Store/process genetic info
Prefix Anti against
Prefix Hepato Liver
Prefix Carcin Cancer
Prefix Derm Skin
Prefix Chondro Cartilage
Prefix Hemangio Blood vessels
Prefix Som body
Prefix Oculo eye
Prefix Micro small
Prefix lip or lipo fat
Suffix Plasty Mold or form
Suffix Ectomy Removal
Suffix cyte Cell
Suffix Uria Urine
Blood PH 7.4
PH in blood of 7.35 or under acidosis
PH of 7.45 or above alkalosis
Ph of stomach acid 7.4
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