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SAT vocab lesson w-1

stagnant inactive; not moving
patent obvious; evident
sardonic bitterly sneering; mocking
repugnance distasteful; offensive
prim overly proper; prudish
accolade an award or honor
redress to set right
haggard appearing tired or thin
expound to explain in detail
solace comfort in a time of distress
constrict to make smaller or narrower
dearth scarcity or lack
deplete to gradually use up
diminutive small; tiny
infinitesimal exceedingly small
iota a very small quantity
meager lacking in quantity or vigor
morsel a small piece, esp. of food
scanty inadequate; minimal
scintilla a small amount
omnibus including or dealing with many items at once
omnipotent all-powerful
omniscient all-knowing
omnivorous able to eat any kind of food
panacea a cure-all or an all-purpose solution
pandemic general, widespread, often of disease
pandemonium a situation of great confusion, esp. because of fear or anger
panegyric elaborate praise, esp. in a formal, public setting
panorama a broad view; comprehensive survey
pantheon all the gods of a people; a group highly respected in a field
carrion dead and decaying flesh
den a shelter or cave, esp. by wild animals
dromedary the single-humped camel of Arabia and Northern Africa
equine characteristic of a horse
gosling young goose
lupine like a wolf; ravenous
tusk a long, protruding tooth, as from an elephant
veal the meat of a calf
venison deer meat
vulpine like a fox; cunning
adjourn to suspend until a later, stated time
ardor passionate intensity of feeling
arduous very hard; laborious
bastion a well-fortified place; a source of protection
blight a plant disease; something that impairs growth, progress, or prosperity
categorical absolute; without any condition
combustible capable of catching fire
compel to cause to occur by pressure; to force
corporeal relating to the body; of a material nature
crescendo a sudden increase, esp. in volume in music
dastardly cowardly and malicious
dialect a variety of language, esp. regional
dismantle to take apart
dissociate to break ties
domain a territory or range of rule or control
encroach to infringe; to intrude
enfranchise to free from slavery; to give the right to vote to
extracurricular not part of the regular course of school
facet any of a number of sides or aspects
figurative based on a figure of speech; not literal
forswear to give up or renounce under oath
forte something at which a person excels
heyday a time of success or popularity
hone to sharpen; make more effective
horticulture science of gardening and planting
illicit unlawful; improper
imbecile a stupid or silly person
immerse to cover completely in a liquid; to engage wholly
impoverished without money; deprived of natural resources
ken understanding
lank long and slender
lexicon a dictionary
licentious not moral; lawless
obscurant one who opposes intellectual advancement or political reform
pall to lose attractiveness
pestilence a usually fatal epidemic disease
preliminary coming before the main event
protrude to thrust forward or out
purge to purify by eliminating unwanted material
purloin to steal, often in violation of a trust
rabble a noisy crowd
ramble to walk or speak aimlessly
reconnoiter to make a preliminary inspection of
reiterate to repeat
renegade someone who rejects something for something else
reprobate a person who lacks morals
resilient able to recover quickly
retrench to reduce
rife prevalent, abundant
rural relating to the country or farming
salvo a simultaneous discharge or release, as of weapons
shiftless lazy
sojourn a brief visit
somber dark and gloomy or dull
speculate to think about the various aspects of a subject, esp. so as to make a prediction
stimulate to rouse or excite to action or increased action
tempest a violent storm
tycoon a wealthy and powerful businessman
unilateral one-sided; unequal
volition a conscious choice or decision
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