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SAT Hot Words

prudent careful
profound wise, deep
felicitous well chosen
reconcile to reach an agreement
dubious doubtful
futile useless
indignant annoyed
vindicate to prove something right
ambiguous unclear
ambivalent undecided
rhetoric impressive
ephemeral short lived
spurious not genuine
mundane relating to everday life
impetuous rash, impulsive
repudiate to reject completely
definitive settling a dispute finally
debunk to prove false
digress to wander away from the subject
incongruous not fitting
diffident lacking confidence, shy
inconsequential not worth noticing
assert to claim
foster to promote
prosaic ordinary, matter of fact
substantiate to offer supporting evidence
illusory deceptive
nostalgia fondness for and missing the past
polemical arguing a position
belie to contradict
compromised to make insecure
disdain despise, something beneath oneself
presumption a bold assumption
caustic burning, sarcastic
deferential respectful
subjective open to interpretation
capricious unpredictable
endorse to support
auspicious promising, favorable
exacerbate to worsen
obscure dark, unclear
dogmatic stubbornly opinionated
venerate to honor above others
gregarious friendly, outgoing
tenacious persistent
mediate to help reach an agreement
meticulous careful
negligible unimportant
equanimity calm
mitigate to lesson the severity of something, to alleviate
transitory brief
immutable unchanging
evoke to inspire
cursory hurried or superficial
rancor extremely bad feelings about something
intuitive knowing by instinct rather than by rational thought
satirize to mock
devoid lacking
erroneous wrong
thwart to block or impede
implement to put into practice
underscore to emphasize
explicate to explain or analyze logically
exasperate to annoy someone to the point of frustration
pertinent important
conspicuous obvious
pervasive appearing or being everywhere
prophetic foretelling events
cynical looking at the bad side of things, pesimistic
tenuous thin
innate inherited
explicit clearly stated
patronize to treat rudely
exacting demanding
contentious to fight
conscientious careful
deter to prevent
champion to support
pedantic overly academic, being a stickler for academic correctness
wary cautious
adept skillful
anachronistic out of date
heresy a statement
detached unemotional
complement to fit well with
intrepid brave
proponent a supporter
reprehensible deserving great blame
extol to praise highly
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