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Sparknote 250

250 Top SAT vocabulary

acerbic (adj) biting, bitter in tone or taste
acrimony (n) bitterness, discord
acumen (n) keen insight
anathema (n) a cursed, detested person
alacrity (n) eagerness speed
antipathy (n) a strong dislike, repungnance
approbation (n) praise
ascetic (adj) practicing restraing as a means of self-discipline
aspersion (n) a curse or expression of ill-will
assiduous (adj) hard-working or diligent
blandish (v) to coax by using flattery
boon (n) a gift or blessing
brusque (adj) short or abrupt or dismissive
buffet (v) to strike with force (n) an arrangment of food set out on a table
burnish (v) to polish or shine
buttress (v) to support or hold up (n) something that offers support
cacophony (n) tremendous noise or disharmonious sound
cajole (v) to urge or coax
capricious (adj) subject to whim or fickle
clemency (n) mercy
cogent (adj) intellectualy convincing
concomitant (adj) accompanying in a subordinate fasion
conflagration (n) great fire
contrite adj) penitent or eager to be forgiven
conundrum (n) puzzle or problem
credulity (n) readiness to believe
calumny (n) an attempt to spoil someone else's reputation by spreading lies
cupidity (n) greed, strong desire
cursory (adj) brief to the point of being superficial
decry (v) to criticize openly
defile (v) to make unclean or impure
deleterious (adj) harmful
demure (adj) quiet or modest or reserved
deprecate (v) to belittle or depreciate
deride (v) to laugh at mockingly or scorn
desecrate (v) to violate the sacredness of a thing or place
desiccated (adj) dried up or dehydrated
diaphanous (adj) light or airy or transparant
diffident (adj) shy or quiet or modest
discursive (adj) rambling or lacking order
dissemble (v) to conceal or fake
dither (v) to be indecisive
ebullient (adj) extremely lively or enthusiastic
effrontery (n) impudence or nerve or insolence
effulgent (adj) radiant or splendorous
enervate (v) to weaken exhaust
ephemeral (adj) short-lived or fleeting
eschew (v) to shun or avoid
evanescent (adj) fleeting or momentary
evince (v) to show or reveal
exculpate (v) to free from guilt or blame or exonerate
execrable (adj) loathsome or detestable
exigent (adj) urgent or critical
expiate (v) to make amends for or atone
expunge (v) to obliterate or eradicate
extant (adj) existing or not destroyed or lost
extol (v)to praise or revere
fallacious (adj) incorrect or misleading
fastidious (adj) meticulous or demanding or fatuous
foolish (adj) silly
fecund (adj) fruitful or fertile
feral (adj) wild or savage
fetid (adj) having a foul odor
florid (adj) flowery or ornate
fractious (adj) troublesome or irritable
garrulous (adj) talkative or wordy
grandiloquence lofty or pompous language
gregarious (adj) drawn to the company of others or sociable
hackneyed (adj) unoriginal or trite
hapless (adj) unlucky
harangue (n) a ranting speech (v) to give such a speech
hegemony (n) domination over others
iconoclast (n) one who attacks common beliefs or institutions
ignominious (adj) humiliating or disgracing
impassive (adj) stoic or not susceptible to suffering
imperious (adj) commanding or domineering
impertinent (adj) rude or insolent
impertinent (adj) rude or insolent
impervious (adj) impenetrable or incapable of being affected
impetuous (adj) rash or hastily done
impinge (v) to impact or make an impression (v) to encroach
implacable (adj) incapable of being appeased or mitigated
impudent (adj) Casually rude or insolent or impertinent
inchoate (adj) unformed or formless or in a beginning stage
incontrovertible (adj) indisputable
indefatigable (adj) incapable of defeator failure or decay
ineffable incapable of being expressed through words
inexorable (adj) incapable of being persuaded or placated
ingenuous (adj) not devious or innocent and candid
inimical (adj) hostile
iniquity (n) wickedness or sin
insidious (adj) appealing bt imperceptibly harmful or seductive
intransigent (adj) refusing to compromise or often on an extreme opinion
inure (v) to cause someone or something to become accustomed to a situation
invective (n) an angry verbal attack
inveterate (adj) subbornly established by habit
jubilant (adj) extremely joyful or happy
juxtaposition (n)placing two things next to each other for implicit comp.
laconic (adj) terse in speech or writing
languid (adj) sluggish from fatique or weakness
largess (n) the gnerous giving of lavish gifts
latent (adj) hidden or but capable of being exposed
legerdemain (n) deception or slight-of-hant
licentious (adj) displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
limpid (n) clear or transparent
maelstrom (n) a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects
magnanimous (adj) nobel or generous
malediction (n) a curse
malevolent (adj) wanting harm to befall others
manifold (adj) diverse or varied
maudlin (adj) weakly sentimental
mawkish (adj)characterized by sick sentimentality
mendacious (adj) having a lying or false character
mercurial (adj) characterized by rapid change or temperamentality
modicum (n) a small amount of something
morass (n)swampy bog or something that traps and confuses
multifarious (adj) having great diversity or variety
munificence (n) generosity in giving
myriad (adj) consisting of a very great number
nadir (n) the lowest point of something
nascent (adj) in the process of being born or coming into existence
nefarious (adj) heinously villainous
neophyte (n) someone who is young or inexperienced
obdurate (n) unyeilding to persuasion or moral influences
obfuscate (v) to render incomprehensible
oblique (adj) diverging from a straight line or course
obsequious (adj) excessively compliant or submissive
obstreperous (adj) noisy or unruly
obtuse (adj) lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
odious (adj) instilling hatred or intense displeasure
officious (adj) offering services when they are neither wanted nor needed
opulent (adj) characterized by rich abundance verging on ostentation
ostensible (adj) appearing as supalliatech or seemingly
palliate (v) to reduce the severity of
pallid (adj) lacking color
panacea (n) a remedy for all ills or difficulties
paragon (n) a model of excellence or perfection
pariah (n) an outcast
parsimony (n) frugality or stinginess
pathos (n) an emotion of sympathy
paucity (adj) small in quantity
pejorative (adj) derogatory or uncomplimentary
pellucid (adj) easily intelligible or clear
penurious (adj) miserly or stingy
perfidious disloyal, unfaithful
perfunctory showing little interest or enthusiasm
pernicious (adj) extremely destructive or harmful
perspicacity (adj) shrewdness or perceptiveness
pertinacious (adj)stubbornly persistent
petulance (n) rudeness or irritability
pithy (adj) concisely meaningful
platitude an uninspired remark or cliche
plethora (n) an abundance or excess
polemic (n) an aggressive argument against a specific opinion
portent (n) an omen
precocious (adj) advanced or developing ahead of time
prescient (adj) to have foreknowledge of events
primeval original or ancient
probity (n) virtue or integrity
proclivity (n) a strong inclination toward something
promulgate to proclaim or make known
propensity (n) an inclination, preference
propitious (adj) favorable
prosaic (adj) plain or lacking liveliness
proscribe (v) to condemn or outlaw
protean (adj) able to change shapeor displaying great variety
prurient (adj) eliciting or possessing an extraordinary interest in sex
puerile (adj) juvenile or immature
pugnacious (adj) quarrelsome or combative
pulchritude (adj) physical beauty
punctilious (adj) eager to follow rules or conventions
quagmire (n) a difficult situation
querulous (adj) whiny or complaining
quixotic (adj) idealistic or impractical
rancor (n) deep or bitter resentment
rebuke (v) to scold or criticize
recalcitrant (adj) defiant or unapologetic
rectitude (n) uprightness or extreme morality
replete (adj) full or abundant
reprobate (adj) evil or unprincipled
reprove (v) to scold or rebuke
repudiate (v) to reject or refuse to accept
rescind (v) to take back or repeal
restive (adj) resistant or stubbornorimpatient
ribald (adj) coarsely or crudely humorous
rife (adj) abundant
ruse (n) a trick
sacrosanct (adj) holy or something that should not be criticized
sagacity (n) shrewdness or souncess of perspective
salient (adj) significantor conspicuous
sanctimonious (adj) giving a hypocritical appearance of piety
sanguine (adj) optimistic or cheery
scurrilous (adj) vulgar or coarse
serendipity (n) luck or finding good things without looking for them
servile (adj) subservient
solicitous (adj) concerned or attentive
solipsistic (adj) believing that oneself is all that exists
somnolent (adj) sleepy or drowsy
spurious (adj) false but designed to seem plausible
staid (adj) sedate or serious
stolid (adj) expressing little sensibility or unemotional
stupefy (v) to astonish or make insensible
surfeit (n) an overabundant supply or indulgence
surmise (v) to infer with little evidence
surreptitious (adj) stealthy
sycophant (n) one who flatters for self-gain
tacit (adj) expressed without words
taciturn (adj) not inclined to talk
tantamount (adj) equivalent in value or significance
temerity (n) audacity ro ecklessness
tenuous (adj) having little substance or strength
timorous (adj) timid or fearful
torpid (adj) lethargic or dormant or lacking motion
tractable (adj) easily controlled
transient (adj) passing through briefly; passing into and out of existence,
transmute (v) to change or alter in form
trenchant (adj) effective or articulate or clear-cut
truculent (adj) ready to fight or cruel
turgid (adj) swollen or excessively embellished in a style or language
turpitude (n) depravity or moral corruption
ubiquitous (adj) existing everywhere or widespread
umbrage (n) resentment or offsense
unctuous (adj) smooth or greasy in texture or appearance
undulate (v) to move in waves
upbraid (v) to criticize or scold severly
usurp (v) to seize by force or take possession of without right
vacillate (v) to fluctuate or hesitate
vacuous (adj) lack of content or ideas or stupid
vapid (adj) lacking liveliness or dull
variegated (adj) diversified or distinctly marked
venerate (v) to regard with respect or to honor
veracity (n) truthfulness, accuracy
verdant (adj) green in tint or color
vex (v) to confuse or annoy
vicarious (adj) experiencing through another
vicissitude (n) event that occurs by chance
vilify (v) to lowever in importance or defame
viscous (adj) not free flowing or syrupy
vitriolic (adj) having caustic quality
vituperate (v) to berate
wanton (adj) undisciplined or lewd or lustful
winsome (adj) charming, pleasing
wistful (adj) full of yearning; musginly sad
wizened (adj) dry or shruken or wrinkled
zenith (n) the highest peak or culminating point
zephyr (n) a gentle breeze
Created by: NickiSuba
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