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270 sat vocab

270 frequently used sat vocab

acclaim to praise
applaud to praise
commend to praise
eulogize to praise
exalt to praise
extol to praise
flatter to praise
hail to praise
laud to praise
panegyrize to praise
resound to praise
tout to praise
admonish to belittle
assail to belittle
berate to belittle
calumniate to belittle
castigate to belittle
censure to belittle
chastise to belittle
chide to belittle
decry to belittle
denigrate to belittle
denounce to belittle
disparage to belittle
excoriate to belittle
execrate to belittle
flay to belittle
lambaste to belittle
malign to belittle
reprimand to belittle
reproach to belittle
scold to belittle
upbraid to belittle
vilify to belittle
abate to calm or make better
accede to calm or make better
accommodate to calm or make better
allay to calm or make better
ameliorate to calm or make better
appease to calm or make better
assuage to calm or make better
comply to calm or make better
concede to calm or make better
conciliate to calm or make better
gratify to calm or make better
mitigate to calm or make better
mollify to calm or make better
pacify to calm or make better
palliate to calm or make better
placate to calm or make better
propitiate to calm or make better
quell to calm or make better
satiate to calm or make better
alienate to make worse or ruffle
antagonize to make worse or ruffle
contradict to make worse or ruffle
dispute to make worse or ruffle
fend off to make worse or ruffle
embitter to make worse or ruffle
estrange to make worse or ruffle
incense to make worse or ruffle
infuriate to make worse or ruffle
nettle to make worse or ruffle
oppugn to make worse or ruffle
oppose to make worse or ruffle
rebuff to make worse or ruffle
repel to make worse or ruffle
repulse to make worse or ruffle
snub to make worse or ruffle
affable pleasant
amiable pleasant
agreeable pleasant
captivating pleasant
congenial pleasant
cordial pleasant
courteous pleasant
decorous pleasant
engaging pleasant
gracious pleasant
obliging pleasant
sportive pleasant
unblemished pleasant
undefiled pleasant
callous unpleasant
cantankerous unpleasant
captious unpleasant
churlish unpleasant
contentious unpleasant
gruff unpleasant
irascible unpleasant
ireful unpleasant
obstinate unpleasant
ornery unpleasant
peevish unpleasant
perverse unpleasant
petulant unpleasant
querulous unpleasant
testy unpleasant
vexing unpleasant
wayward unpleasant
altruistic generous
beneficent generous
benevolent generous
charitable generous
effusive generous
hospitable generous, yielding
humanitarian generous
magnanimous generous
munificent generous
philanthropic generous
frugal cheap
miserly cheap
niggardly cheap
paltry scarce or poor
parsimonious cheap
penurious cheap, scarce or poor
provident cheap
skinflinty cheap
spartan cheap
tight-fisted cheap
thrifty cheap
affluent abundant or rich
bounteous abundant or rich
copious abundant or rich
luxuriant abundant or rich
multifarious abundant or rich
multitudinous abundant or rich
myriad abundant or rich
opulent abundant or rich
pecunious abundant or rich
plenteous abundant or rich
plentiful abundant or rich
plethoric abundant or rich
profuse abundant or rich
prosperous abundant or rich
superabundant abundant or rich
teeming abundant or rich
wealthy abundant or rich
dearth scarce or poor
deficit scarce or poor
destitute scarce or poor
exiguous scarce or poor
impecunious scarce or poor
impoverished scarce or poor
indigent scarce or poor
insolvent scarce or poor
meager scarce or poor
paltry scarce or poor
paucity scarce or poor
scanty scarce or poor
scarcity scarce or poor
sparse scarce or poor
accommodating yielding
amenable yielding
compliant yielding
deferential yielding
docile yielding
flexible yielding
inclined yielding
malleable yielding
obliging yielding
pliant yielding
submissive yielding
subservient yielding
tractable yielding
adamant not yielding
determinate not yielding
immutable not yielding
indomitable not yielding
inflexible not yielding
intractable not yielding
intransigent not yielding
recalcitrant not yielding
relentless not yielding
resolute not yielding
steadfast not yielding
tenacious not yielding
audacious courageous
dauntless courageous
gallant courageous
intrepid courageous
stalwart courageous
undaunted courageous
valiant courageous
valorous courageous
indisposed ill
laconic timid, humble
reserved timid
brisk lively
dynamic lively
ebullient lively
exhilaration lively
exuberant lively
inspiring lively
provocative lively
scintillating lively
stimulating lively
titillating lively
dejected bleak
forlorn bleak
lackluster bleak
lugubrious bleak
melancholy bleak
muted bleak
prostrate bleak
somber bleak
tenebrous bleak
chary careful
circumspect careful
conscientious careful
discreet careful
exacting careful
fastidious careful
gingerly careful
heedful careful
judicious careful
meticulous careful
provident careful
prudent careful
punctilious careful
scrupulous careful
scrutiny careful
wary careful
culpable blameworthy
felonious villainous
indifferent careless
insouciant careless
lackadaisical careless
lax careless
negligent careless
perfunctory careless
rash careless
remiss careless
reprehensible blameworthy
temerarious careless
affected haughty
aristocratic haughty
arrogant haughty
audacious haughty
authoritarian haughty
autocratic haughty
condescending haughty
disdainful haughty
egotistical haughty
flagrant haughty
flippant haughty
imperious haughty
impertinent haughty
impudent haughty
insolent haughty
ostentatious haughty
pompous haughty
proud haughty
supercilious haughty
vainglorious haughty
demure humble
diffident humble, timid
introverted humble
plebian humble
reluctant not yielding
restrained humble
reticent humble, timid
subdued humble, timid
subservient humble
taciturn humble
timid humble
timorous humble, timid
unassuming humble
unostentatious humble
unpretentious humble
Created by: satvocab
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