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residual having to do with leftovers
residual (adj) having to do with leftovers
incumbent (adj) obligatory, pertaining to duty
imperative (adj) required, necessary
aloof (adv) distant, removed, usually in an emotional sense (adj) reserved, distant, apart from a group
imperative (n) a command
plague (n) a deadly disease
prod (n) a pointed instrument used to poke or jab
residual (n) a remainder, leftover
drone (n) a remote controlled device or robot
burrow (n) hole, tunnel, dugout
incumbent (n) person holding an office
gibber (n) pointless or indecipherable talk
fathom (n) unit of measurement equal to six feet, mostly used to measure nautical depth
burrow (v) dig, excavate
drone (v) speak in a monotone voice
fathom (v) to comprehend, understand
prod (v) to poke or jab
gibber (v) to talk unintelligibly, speak rapidly
plague (v) to trouble or haunt
truce a cease-fire, an agreement between hostile parties to pause or suspend their hostile action
metamorphosis a change from one form to another
setback a check to progress
anthology a collection of extracts from the writings of various authors
tribunal a court, a trial
levee a dam or embankment
manifestation a demonstration or appearance
pellagra a disease characterized by cracking of the skin
frown a displeased, unhappy look made by contracting the face into the opposite of a smile
stampede a general rush or panic run by a crowd of animals or people
expedient a means to an end
miscreant a misbehaving or immoral person
allusion a passing reference or mention
insurgent a person engaged in armed rebellion against a government or law, a rebel
charlatan a person who makes fraudulent claims to skill or knowledge
purveyor a person who supplies, sells, or provides something, whether a service or a behavior or attitude
archive a place or collection containing records, documents, or other materials of historical interest
demagogue a politician who appeals to base instinct
panacea a remedy, cure, solution, a cure-all
setback a reverse or defeat: The new law was a setback
dichotomy a separation into halves, usually contradictory or opposed
almanac a series of tables giving the days of the week together with certain astronomical information
asylum a shelter
foreword a short piece of writing at the beginning of a book
outpouring a show or demonstration of feeling
clique a small group
affectation a studied or ostentatious pretense or attempt
frivolity a trifling act, thought, saying, or practice
decibel a unit for measuring the relative loudness of sounds
troubadour a vagrant poet or songwriter
dowager a widow holding title or property inherited from her husband
clairvoyant ability to predict or foretell events
mutability able to change
agile able to move or act quickly, physically, or mentally
viable able to survive
anomalous abnormal
atypical abnormal, unusual, uncommon
eradicate abolish
discord absence of harmoniousness
vituperative abusive
obliging accommodating, considerate
attain achieve, accomplish, acquire
attune adapt, adjust, harmonize
increment addition, step, and increase
Suffice adequate, sufficient
concede admit, grant, yield, acknowledge
precocious advanced
adversarial adversary
pretense affectation, excuse, fake
diffident affected or possessed with self-distrust
timid afraid, fearful
railed against complain, criticize
firebrand agitator
conformity agreement, harmony, similarity
pseudonym alias, pen name
omnipotent all-powerful, supreme, unlimited, godlike
flabbergasted amazed, surprised, astonished
waylay ambush
expedient an advantageous condition or position
amphibian an animal capable of living both on land and in water. a cold-blooded, smooth-skinned vertebrate of the class Amphibian
accomplice an associate in wrong-doing
dictum an authoritative pronouncement
antipode an exact opposite
paragon an example of excellence
totalitarian an extreme dictatorship
disservice an ill turn
manifestation an indication of the existence of something
epitaph an inscription on a tomb or monument in honor or in memory of the dead.
asylum an institution for the care of people
symbiotic an interdependent relationship between two organisms of different species
affront an open insult or indignity
unparalleled an unprecedented event.
aggression an unprovoked attack
indignation anger, fury, rage, resentment, exasperation, irritation
vex annoy
relic antique
porcupine any of various mammals having stiff sharp spines mingled w/ their hair
anachronism anything occurring or existing out of its proper time
antiseptic anything that destroys or restrains the growth of putrefactive micro-organisms
contrite apologetic, remorseful, repentant, regretful
ostensible apparent, seeming, evident
prepossessing appealing, charming
placate appease, quiet, conciliate
plaudits applause, praise, approval
felicitous appropriate, apt, fitting, suitable
comely appropriate, proper, becoming
ratify approve
fervent ardent in feeling, passionate, intense
constellation arrangement of stars, collection
haughty arrogant, disdainful, imperious, superior
choreography art of composing and arranging dances
wily artful, cunning
attribute ascribe, assign, blame
rally assemble
egalitarian asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, esp. in political
sedulous assiduous, diligent, careful
captivate attract, fascinate
comely attractive, pretty
magnetism attractiveness, charm
impute attribute, blame, and charge, accuse, associate
propitious auspicious, favorable, well disposed
despotic autocratic
shun avoid
cognizant aware, conscious, informed, familiar
inept awkward, unfit, unskilled, wrong
deplorable bad, wrenched, disgraceful
cantankerous bad-tempered, touchy, irritable, peevish
emollient balm, salve, lotion, ointment, soothing, healing, relieving
ostracism banishment, exile, excommunication, rejection
infallible be incorrect
parch become hot, arid and dry
mendicant beggar
recommence begin again
onset beginning, start, first stage of
ubiquitous being everywhere at the same time
sobriety being quiet or serious
credence belief as to the truth of something: to give credence to a claim
credo belief, tenet, principle, code, creed
jingoism bellicose chauvinism
bellicose belligerent
treachery betrayal, disloyalty
confound bewilder, confuse, puzzle
caustic biting, burning, corrosive, erosive
embittered bitter, resentful, hostile, disillusioned, irritated
reproof blame
profane blaspheme, corrupt, taint, abuse, disrespect, violate
sanguine blood-red
sanguine bloody
inflate blow up, increase, expand
jurisprudence body of laws, study of law
brazen bold, brassy, impudent, shameless, loud mouthed
temerity boldness
effrontery boldness, audacity
legitimate bona fide, genuine, deserving, worthy
derivative borrowed, copied, unoriginal, and imitative
braggart bragger, boaster, peacock, show off egoist
fragmentation breaking up, disorganization, fission, shatter
luminous bright, brilliant, lucid
radiant bright, glowing
incandescent brilliantly bright, glowing
ebullient bubbling, boiling
onerous burdensome, laborious, oppressive, troublesome, difficult
incinerator burner, furnace
combustion burning, flame
cadent cadence- rhythm, beat, measure, pulse, tempo
tranquility calm, peaceful
untenable cannot be achieved
frugal careful to only buy what is necessary
travesty caricature, farce
nonchalant casual
perpetuate cause to continue
precipitate cause, bring about
divisive causing conflict
corrosive caustic, acidic, scathing, wasting, biting
revel celebrate, rejoice
expurgate censor, remove, clean up, sanitize
thaw change from a frozen to unfrozen state
avuncular characteristic of an uncle
amicability characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill
talisman charm, amulet
tawdry cheap and gaudy, loud, showy
defraud cheat, swindle
alacrity cheerful willingness
genial cheerful, kind, and friendly
buoyant cheerful, resilient, blithe, floatable
alchemy chemistry of the middle ages, characterized by the pursuit of changing base metals to gold
immaculate clean, pure, spotless, uncorrupted
scouring cleaning
translucent clear
vindicated clear
lucid clear, understandable, obvious
ingenious clever, brilliant, intelligent, resourceful
lummox clod, lout
cajolery coaxing, persuasion, palaver
viscous cohesive, adhesive, sticky
synergy collaboration, teamwork
deflate collapse, deplete, empty, humble, humiliate
hoard collect, accumulate, store, save
pigment color, dye, and paint
vibrant colorful, eye-catching
pugnacious combative, quarrelsome, belligerent
incorporate combine, involve, and unite
consolation comfort, compassion, support, relief
solace comfort, consolation
laudatory commendable, praising, approving
entrust commit confide, consign, charge
vulgar common, general
epistle communication, message
sΘance communion w/ dead, spiritual contact
remuneration compensation
querulous complaining, critical
impartiality completely fair, unbiased, unprejudiced, neutral
completely trustworthy or correct, pertaining to someone or something which cannot fail or
intricate complex, having many parts
collage composition, assemblage
knave con man, bastard, blackmailer
secrecy concealment, privacy, hiding
intensify concentrate, strengthen, and deepen
solicitude concern, care, regard
qualitative concerned w/quality
denounce condemn, criticize, attack
censure condemn, criticize, disapprove, rebuke
censorious condemning speech
corroborate confirm, support, verify, prove, validate
bafflement confuse, perplex, confound, puzzle
disconcert confuse, uneasy, uncomfortable, disturbed, anxious
muddled confused
perturbed confused, anxious, disturbed
bewildering confusing, disorienting
subdue conquer, vanquish, overpower
solicitous considerate, concerned
collusion conspiracy
assiduous constant in application or attention: unceasing
combative contentious, belligerent, aggressive, quarrelsome, hostile
conducive contributive, helpful, favorable
compelling convincing
pervasive convincing, effective, powerful
cogent convincing, persuasive, effective
culinary cooking, kitchen
imitative copy, counterfeit
replica copy, duplicate
emend correct, fix, improve, edit, and revise
remedial corrective, healing, curing
analogous corresponding (to some other) in certain respects
enumerate count
recrimination counterchange, retaliation
forgery counterfeiting
civility courtesy, a polite act or expression
shroud cover, conceal
villainous criminal, evil, lawbreaking
convict criminal, felon, prisoner, and outlaw
aspersion criticisms, derogatory remark, insult, slander
disparage criticize
impugn criticize, attack, refute
decry criticize, castigate, belittle, condemn
castigate criticize, scold, discipline, admonish
traverse cross
throng crowd, multitude, horde, and bunch
coronation crowning of a sovereign
squelch crush
stomp crush, squash, and tramp
subterfuge cunning
malediction curse
brusque curt, blunt, rough, abrupt
veer curve, change, and direction
shear cut, remove
dilettante dabbler, a superficial practitioner, especially of an art
precarious dangerous, risky
sardonic darkly cynical, sneering, bitter
abstruse dealing with matters difficult to be understood.
funerary dealing with or suitable for a funeral
demise death
disprove debunk, invalidate, confute, negate, expose
ornament decorate, adorn, garnish, finish, embellish
propriety decorum, properness, good manner, politeness
yearning deep longing
profound deep, intelligent, thoughtful
iridescent deeply colorful, displaying the colors of the rainbow
denigrate defame, belittle
foil defeat, contrast
debacle defeat, disaster, collapse, overthrow, ruin, bankruptcy
refract deflect
abase degrade
demean degrade, lower, debase
belated delayed, overdue, tardy
diaphanous delicate, thin, sheer
sermonized deliver a moral lecture
requisition demand the use
exacting demanding, strict, difficult, meticulous, hard
provident demonstrating foresight
turpitude depravity, immorality, corruption
melancholy depression, sadness
bereft deprived of, lonely, lacking, wanting
depict describe, portray, detail
streamlined designed efficiently
streamlined designed so to offer the least resistance to air or water
raze destroy
pernicious destructive, deadly
sleuth detective
purposeful determined
conceive develop, create
digress deviate
anomalous deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule
tourniquet device for stopping the flow of blood through an artery
ploy device, maneuver, action, move, play
concoct devise, create, formulate
authoritarian dictator, tyrant
disparate different, dissimilar, contrasting, unequal, uneven
formidable difficult to accomplish
arduous difficult, laborious, onerous
rambling digressive, discursive, wordy, verbose
quandary dilemma
assiduous diligent
waning diminish, decrease
unmediated directly perceived
impure dirt contaminated
grimy dirty, filthy
defile dirty, pollute, taint, sully, corrupt, contaminate
sully dirty, stain, taint
discordant disagreeing, dissonant, unharmonious
friction disagreement, angry feelings
disgruntle disappointed, angry, unhappy, annoyed
calamity disaster, catastrophe, fatality, misery, misfortune
detached disconnect, separate, remove
dishearten discourage, unnerve, dispirit
deform disfigure, deface
deceitful dishonest
deceptive dishonest, misleading, fraudulent, deceitful
disputable dishonorable, disgraceful, low, shameful
erosion disintegration, destruction, deterioration
distaste dislike, repulsion, revulsion, disgust, abhorrence
dispel dismiss, eject
diffuse disperse, spread out
brandish display menacingly, wield, wave, shake
inclined disposed, tending, likely
refute disprove
flippant disrespectful, irreverent, impudent
soluble dissolvable
cacophony dissonance, harsh noise
indiscernible distinguished from another
contort distort
turmoil disturbance, chaos, disorder
bureaucratize divide into bureaus
tractable docile, manageable
tamed domesticated
amicable done in a friendly spirit
duplicity double-dealing, deception
dubious doubtful
morose dour, sullen, gloomy, melancholy
carouse drink, frolic, make merry
nip drink, taste, swallow
propel drive, impel, push, and move
prose dull, commonplace speech
drab dull, lackluster
insipid dull, lifeless, tasteless, vapid, boring
obtuseness dull-witted, slow to perceive or understand
replication duplication
bellicose eager to fight
terrestrial earthly
crude earthy, unpolished, unprocessed, natural
assuage ease
affable easy to approach
facile easy, simple
efficacious effective
conceit egotism, pride, arrogance
ornate elaborate, showy
resilient elastic, flexible
euphoria elation, high spirits, joy, bliss
dowager elderly woman of high status
constituent element, unit, ingredient
impassioned emotional
impassive emotionless, calm, indifferent, perfect, pure, virtuous
goad encourage, induce, urge, motivate
demise end of existence
interminable endless, eternal, everlasting, limitless
adversarial enemy or opponent
merrymaking engaging in fun or light activities
embellish enhance, adorn
magnify enlarge, intensify, expand, enhance
ecstatic enraptured, elated, transported, exalted, euphoric
regale entertain
ebullient enthusiastic, excited
cajole entice, coax
lure entice, induce, attract
allure entice: promises of quick profits allure the unwary investor
parity equality, balance, evenness
prestigious esteemed, distinguished, notable, famous, great, influential
elusive evasive, slippery, wily, fleeting
vile evil
nefarious evil, intending harm or danger
heinous evil, loathsome, vile
embroider exaggerate, embellish, overstate
scrutinize examine closely
immoderate excessive, extreme, extravagant
extravagance excessiveness, lavishness
ambivalent exhibiting or feeling ambivalence
banish exile, expel, and remove
outcast exile, untouchable, outlaw
recapture experience
empirical experimental, observed, practical
virtuoso expert, master
restate express again clearly
couch express, voice, phrase
Extensive extended widely in space, time, or scope
erudition extensive knowledge of literature, history, language, etc.
lavish extravagant, abundant, bountiful, and excessive
egregious extreme
upheaval extreme change or disturbance
frenzy extreme mental agitation
indigence extreme poverty
meticulous extremely careful, precise
gargantuan extremely large
glacial extremely slowly
jubilant exulting, happy, celebrating
evenhanded fair, impartial
equitable fair, reasonable,
falsify fake, distort, misrepresent, dissemble, misstate
placebo fake, inactive
feign fake, make up, pretend, assume
spurious false, counterfeit
panoramic far-reaching, extensive
blemish fault, flaw, defect, and mole
auspicious favorable, positive, fortunate, good
audacious fearless
intrepid fearless, courageous, bold, daring
quills feather, pen
touch feel
cynicism feeling of distrust
malinger feign illness to escape work
camaraderie fellowship, rapport, friendliness, companionship
truculent fierce, savage
tiff fight
infighting fighting between rivals, people closely associated, members of a group
awestruck filled with awe
solvent financially sound, financially stable
varnished finish, polish
arable fit for cultivation, as by plowing
exemplary fitted to serve as a model or example worthy of imitation
blandish flatter, grovel
sycophant flatterer, flunky
evanescent fleeting, transient
pliable flexible, bendable, supple
lithe flexible, loose, agile, supple
supple flexible, passive, elastic
inundate flood, deluge, drown, overwhelm
florid flushed with red, showy, elaborate
heed follow advice
conformist follower
buffoonery fool, clown
jocular foolish, joking, dealing with humor
prescient foresight, knowledge of things before they happen
portent forewarning, omen
exculpate forgive, absolve, clear, pardon
absolved forgiven
lenient forgiving, soft, kind, indulgent
desolate forsaken, barren, abandoned, isolated, friendless
obtrusive forward, meddlesome
nurture foster, raise, care for
brittle fragile, delicate, breakable
charlatan fraud, impostor, quack
absolved freed from sin or its penalties
amicability friendly
amiable friendly and agreeable in disposition
convivial friendly, agreeable, good company, jovial
cordial friendly, warm, hearty, sociable, genial, affable
frolicsome frisky, playful, full of fun
eclectic from many sources, diverse, selective, multifaceted
incisor front tooth typically adapted for cutting
acrimonious full of bitterness
perilous full of danger, dangerous
merriment fun, joy, laughter, jollity
conflate fuse together
fanfare fuss, display
consensus general agreement, unison, harmony
regeneration generate again
munificent generous
unstinting generous
nip gentle bite
Docile gentle, easily handled or controlled
recuperate get better, recover, heal, and mend
procure get, obtain, acquire, secure
apparition ghost, specter, phantom
colossus giant, titan
towering gigantic
reciprocate give and take, interchange, exchange, share, trade
ascetic given to severe self-denial and practicing excessive abstinence and devotion.
somber gloomy
exalt glorify, honor, praise, revere
cloy glut, sicken, surfeit, overdo
byline goal line or touchline
vacillated going back and forth
exorbitant going beyond usual and proper limits
adept good at doing something that needs care or skill
amiable good-natured and likable
granular grainy, having a granulated or grainy composition
profusion great amount, overflow, lavish amount, abundance, extravagant
verdant green, grassy
dingy grimy, dirty, smoky, dim, tarnished
sprout grow, develop
buffer guard, protect,
wary guarded
rudder guiding, principle
remorseful guilt, regret
rhapsodize gush, rave, speak w/ passion
elated happy, ecstatic, euphoric, delighted
heckle harass, annoy
solidified harden
obdurate hardened, unyielding
deleterious harmful, destructive, injurious, detrimental
virulence harmfulness
innocuous harmless, innocent, dull
benign harmless, kindly, benevolent, helpful
concordant harmonious, agreeing
vitriolic harshly critical, scathing
rigor harshness
enmity hatred
rancor hatred, animosity, resentment
supercilious haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial expression.
abrasive having a rough surface
acute having fine and penetrating discernment
medicinal having healing properties
ambiguous having multiple interpretations or meanings
retroactive having retrospective effect
judicious having sensible judgment
eloquent having the ability to express emotion or feeling in lofty and impassioned speech
archetypal having the nature of, constituting, or serving as a type
ponderous heavy, bulky, massive, prodigious, awkward
adulation high praise: adulatory
resolute highly determined
urbane highly sophisticated
bombastic high-sounding
foreshadows hint, suggestion
chronicle history, record, calendar, narrative
theatrical histrionic, dramatic
drub hit, beat, and switch
veracity honesty
revere honor, respect
reap horrent collect, gather, obtain
dismay horror, dread, and terror
bellicose hostile
vast huge, immense
vaporize humidity, mist, and steam
belittle humiliate, disparage, put down
facetious humorous, not serious, not literal
glacial icy, snowy, frozen
hallmark identifying characteristic, symbol, and indicator
indecipherable illegible, unable to be read or deciphered
fallacious illogical, false, incorrect
conceivable imaginable, possible, comprehensible, believable
envision imagine
plagiarism imitation, copying
unscrupulously immoral, unethical, corrupt
unyielding immovable, inflexible, stubborn
stolid impassive
derail impede or distract
implicit implied, suggested, unspoken, tacit, inferred
insinuate imply, suggest, indicate, hint
stature importance, tallness
momentous important, significant, critical
grandiose impressive, large, magnificent, ambitious
indiscretion imprudence, injudiciousness, mistake
insolence impudent, disrespect, arrogant
impetuous impulsive, careless
vitiate impure the quality, make invalid
derail in the case of a train, to go off track
sedentary inactive
torpid inactive
deficient inadequate, lacking, insufficient
inescapable incapable of escape
incompetent incapable, unskilled, inept, useless, unable, inexperienced
inflammatory inciting strong emotion or response
predilection inclination
absurd inconsistent with reason or common sense
enlarge increase, expand, and spread
inflammatory increasing or adding to the condition of inflammation
indeterminate indefinite, inexact, vague, uncertain, unclear
maverick independent, rebel
stoic indifferent to pain or pleasure
vicariously indirectly
incontrovertible indisputable, certain, undeniable
draft induction, registration, and outline
disparity inequality
indefensible inexcusable, unjustifiable, unforgivable, insupportable
ineffable inexpressible
connotation inference, allusion, suggestion, hint
bombastic inflated
lobbying influence, persuade
colloquial informal speech
intrinsic inherent
innate inherent, present from birth or conception
impairer injure, damage, weaken
forebode inner feeling of future dread or danger
disingenuous insincere, deceitful, lying, false, dishonest, deceptive
impudent insolent, inappropriately bold
mimicry instance of mimicking
infuse instill, inspire
miff insult, hurt, annoy
reintegrate integrate back into society
sagacity intelligence, wisdom
cerebral intelligent, brainy, smart, thoughtful
coherent intelligible, making sense, rational, logical, lucid, articulate
vehement intense, passionate, zealous
redouble intensify, make greater
ardor intensity of passion or affection
equivocate intentionally use ambiguous language to deceive or mislead
meddler interfere, intervene, and impose
visceral internal, emotional
decipher interpret, decode, discover the meaning of
daunt intimidate, scare, frighten, unnerve, threaten
foreword introduction of author
preamble introduction, beginning of a document or speech
indomitable invincible, unconquerable, undefeatable
anomalous irregular
erratic irregular, eccentric
impious irreverent, immoral, agnostic
exasperate irritate, provoke
insular isolated, separated, secluded, lonely, narrow-minded
Exultant joyful, jubilant, euphoric, happy
halcyon joyous or carefree
dictum judicial assertion
astute keen in discernment
gracious kind, courteous, cordial, polite, friendly
potentate king, sovereign
sluggish lack energy
stagnation lack of motion, motionless, inactivity
irreverence lack of reverence
shallow lacking depth, slight, superficial
languid lacking energy, weak, sluggish
imperceptive lacking in perception
frigid lacking warmth
tome large book
tadpole larva of an amphibian
advocate lawyer
inactive lazy, slothful
pundit learned person, expert
retired leave, depart
harangue lecture, tirade, and speech
enfranchise liberate
inanimate lifeless, dead, nonmoving, inert, dull
vivacious lively
rousing lively, energized
endemic local, regional
longevity long life, endurance, durability
underdog long shot
nostalgia longing, yearning for the conditions, objects or state of the past
blatant loud, glaring, conspicuous
raucous loud, noisy, boisterous
cynicism low or negative opinion of the motivations of others
demote lower in rank, degrade, downgrade
degrade lower, corrupt, diminish
marsh low-lying, watery land, wetlands
fidelity loyalty
fortuitous lucky and happening by chance
streamlined made smooth
incantation magic spell, conjuration, chant, invocation
protagonist main character
assert maintain a position or opinion
accentuated make easier to notice
befriend make friends, get acquainted, and get to know
consecrate make holy, sanctify, bless, devote
exploit make use of
serendipity making fortunate discoveries
dogmatic making statements without argument or evidence.
spiteful malicious, vengeful
virile manly, powerful, strong
cartographer mapmaker
deface mar, disfigure, deform, damage, mutilate
facade mask, guise
legion mass, crowd, multitude
carnivorous meat-eating
salve medicinal ointment
converge meet, come together, join, intersect, and unite
poignant melancholy, sad, causing sadness
retention memory, act of retaining
paranoia mental disorder, mental illness, delusions
revelry merry making
jollity merrymaking, partying
clutter mess, disorder, jumble, trash
emissary messenger, representative, agent, ambassador
bourgeois middle class, working class
mediocre middle of the road, barely acceptable, meeting requirements without excellence
provident mindful
trivialize minimize
penurious miserly, hoarding, cheap, mean, stingy
adversity misfortune
belie misrepresent, disguise, defy, negate, conceal
assuage mitigate
amalgamate mix or blend together in a homogeneous body
hodgepodge mixture
matriarch mother, matron, queen, female head of family
scurry move quickly
tentacles moving
hollow muffled or deep
variegated multicolored
proliferate multiply, increase, and reproduce
mutter murmur
ensemble musical group
disheveled muss, sloppy, messy
inarticulate mute, speechless, taciturn, reticent
antagonism mutual opposition or resistance of counteracting forces, principles, or persons
enigmatic mysterious, puzzling, perplexing
inscrutable mysterious, unknowable, hidden, incomprehensible
enigma mystery, puzzle, inscrutable person, object, or condition
henpeck nag
indigenous native, aboriginal, original, innate
inherent natural, inborn, innate, native
Superficiality near the surface, shallow
diaphanous nearly transparent
proximity nearness, closeness
superfluous needless, unnecessary, excessive
extravagant needlessly free or lavish in expenditure.
pessimism negative attitude
pessimism negative thinking
unsung neglected
derelict neglectful, irresponsible, lazy, careless
unprecedented never before known or experienced
nocturnal night, pertaining to night
din noise, uproar, cacophony
hubbub noise, uproar, fuss
obstreperous noisy, vociferous, unruly
unalterable not alterable
implausible not believable, not credible, not appearing to be true
unrelenting not easing or slackening in severity: an unrelenting rain.
imprecise not exact
impermanent not permanent
nonporous not porous
imprecise not precise
inefficacious not produce the desire effect
Unrequited not returned
hollow not solid, having interior space
indebted obligated, bound, appreciative, thankful, grateful
commemorate observe, remember, salute, honor, immortalize
intrusive obtrusive, invasive, unwanted
contemporaneous occurring or existing at the same time
quizzical odd, perplexed
disrepute of damaged reputation or low esteem
futile of no avail or effect, pointless
arboreal of or pertaining to a tree or trees
anonymous of unknown authorship
despotic of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a despot or despotism
allusion often used as a literary term
quaint old- fashioned
sinister ominous, evil, wicked, intending harm
subsist on exist, maintain
vigilant on guard
resource on stock or supply
arbiter one chosen or appointed to decide matters
imposter one that assumes an identity
disputant one that engaged in argument
iconoclast one who attacks beliefs, who views modern icons with cynicism
detractor one who criticizes
nitpicker one who criticizes, often in a positive or light manner
aesthete one who cultivates great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
glutton one who eats too much
oracle one who foretells the future, a prophet
gourmand one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking
advocate one who pleads the cause of another
interlocutor one who takes park in conversation
flagrant openly scandalous, outrageous, glaring, shameless
conservatism opposition to change
mundane ordinary
prosaic ordinary, flat
linchpin organization, something that is indispensable
innate originating in the mind rather than from experience
pretentious ostentatious, self-important, affected, inflated
incongruous out of place, not fitting together
devious out of the common or regular track
pariah outcast, exile
obsolete outdated
Extroverted outgoing, sociable, friendly, amicable, cordial
delineate outline sketch, describe
contour outline, profile, shape, form, and figure
elliptical oval, egg-shaped
surfeit overabundance
condone overlook wrong doing, forgive, pardon
dwarf overshadow, dominate
pallid pale, faint, swallow
petal part of flower
discursive passing from one subject to another
transitory passing, temporary
atrophy pathology. A wasting or decrease in size of a body organ, tissue, or part owing to disease, injury, or lack of use
fortitude patient courage
condescend patronize, talk down to
interlude pause, break, rest
boon payoff, blessing, benefit
pacifist peace lover, peacemaker
serene peaceful, calm, unhurried or undisturbed
pacific peaceful, tranquil
endemic Peculiar to some specified country or people
eccentric peculiar, odd
idiosyncrasy peculiarity, singularity, characteristic
discern perceive, detect, sense, apprehend, notice
consummate perfect, complete, fulfill
tangential peripheral
mystify perplex, confuse, puzzle
tenacity persistence
assiduous persistent
tenaciously persistent
litigant person engaged in a lawsuit
induce persuade, encourage, produce, influence
totalitarian pertaining to a centralized government that wields excessive control over every aspect of society
aesthetic pertaining to beauty
forensic pertaining to debate
redemptive pertaining to salvation
didactic pertaining to teaching
absolutist pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism
temporal pertaining to time
conduit pipe, tube, channel, duct, sewer, passage
pathos pity, sadness, suffering
specious plausible but invalid
rake playboy, womanizer
jovial playful, elated, overjoyed, euphoric
hedonist pleasure seeker, indulger
delight pleasure, joy, and happiness
bane poison, nuisance, harm, plague, curse
venomous poisonous
constable police officer
tainted polluted
doggerel poor verse
destitute poor, impoverished
disrepute poorly thought of
frisky possessing energy or playfulness, lively
procrastinate postpone, delay, prolong, temporize
reprieve postponement, suppress
clairvoyant power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision
influential powerful, persuasive, effective
pragmatic practical, concerned with practical ideas or considerations
formulaic predictable, following a pattern or formula
prophetic predictive, foretelling, premonitory
bombastic pretentious
preclude prevent
deter prevent, stop, preclude, discourage, restraint, curb, check, hindrance.
snowbound prevented by snow from traveling
algae primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves
precept principle, law
scrupulous principled, fastidious, proper, ethical
promulgate proclaim, make known, publish, declare, communicate
prolific productive, fertile, bountiful
lucrative profitable, valuable enterprise or endeavor
decorous proper, appropriate, fitting, correct
divination prophecy
halcyon prosperous
substantiate prove, confirm, support
cater provide, serve, indulge
antagonize provoke hostility or enmity in
discretion prudence, tact, sagacity, caution, consideration
judicious prudent, carefully judged, acting in a practical and careful manner
nudge push
perplex puzzle, bewilder, confuse, confound
conundrum puzzle, enigma
cryptic puzzling, mysterious
attribution quality, trait, feature
belligerent quarrelsome, combative, warlike, hostile
reticent quiet, reserved, reluctant
demure quiet, reserved, shy
uplift raise, improve
hoist raise, list, pull up, elevate
indiscriminate random, careless, casual
infrequent rare, seldom, odd, unusual, irregular
lectern reading desk
apologetic ready or eager to apologize
viable real, working, practical
defiance rebellion, disobedience, challenge, revolt, opposition
ebb recede, decline, fall back, diminish, and subside
reciprocate reciprocity
foolhardy reckless, foolish, imprudent, irrational
flinch recoil, jump, and cringe
conciliatory reconciling, peacemaking, accommodating
ledger record book, journal
convalesce recover, revive, restore, and recuperate
relapse recurrence
sanguine reddish
russet reddish brown
reductive reduce
modulate regulate, balance, adjust
rebuff reject
repudiate reject, disown
filial relating to a son or daughter
anecdotal relating to an anecdote, a short personal story
relinquish release
dismiss release, free, banish, clear, expel
pertinent relevant, fitting
assuage relieve
devout religious
grudging reluctant
loath reluctant, unwilling
vestige remainder, trace
corrective remedial, healing, rectifying
antidote remedy for a poison
depose remove from a position of power
erasure remove, delete
revive renew
renunciation renouncement, rejection
rehash repeat
reiterate repeat
recite repeat, perform, read, and narrate
supplant replace
propagate reproduce, generate, spread, disseminate, and publish
prominence reputation, importance, distinguish
strenuous require great effort, energetic
arduous requiring great effort or exertion
remnant residue, fragment
sonorous resonant, majestic, deep, powerful
venerability respect, honor, esteem
reverence respect, worship, and admiration
reputable respectable
venerable respected, worthy, esteemed
culpable responsible, blameworthy, guilty, amiss, sinful
respite rest
tonic restorative, stimulant
reactionary retrogressive
hindsight retrospect, experience, knowledge
disclose reveal, tell, divulge, make known
vengeance revenge
venerate revere, respect, honor, esteem
Exuberance rich supply, high spirit, liveliness
opulent rich, wealthy, prosperous, abundant
deride ridicule, laugh at, and make fun of, mock
taunting ridicule, sneer at
suffrage right to vote
melee riot, fight, a close combat
vestry room attached to a church
decompose rot, putrefy
raspy rough, harsh
circumlocution roundabout expression, indirect way of saying something
circuitous roundabout, indirect, circular
perfunctory routine, superficial, automatic, unthinking, careless
abrasive rude and annoying
gruff rude, harsh, short, blunt, grouchy
discourteous rude, impolite, uncivil, ill- mannered, inconsiderate
impenitent rude, not repent oneÆs error or sin
presumptuous rude, too forward, presuming too much
scamper run playfully
forlorn sad and lonely
pensive sadly thoughtful or wishful
inviolable safe from violation
contentment satisfaction, pleasure, tranquility
ferocity savageness, violence
salvage save, rescue
meager scanty, insufficient, poor
sparse scanty, meager
dearth scarcity, lack, deficiency, shortage
vignette scene
berate scold, upbraid, rebuke
disdain scorn, hatred, disgust, abhorrence
contemptuous scornful, disrespectful, arrogant, insulting
forage search, look for, hunt, scavenge, explore
condiment seasoning, flavoring
stealth secrecy, sneakiness, covertness
clandestine secret, undercover, hidden, concealed
surreptitious secretive
reclaim seek to return
confiscate seize, appropriate, take
abstinence self denial.
introspective self-examining, self-analyzing
narcissism self-love
sanctimonious self-righteous
smugness self-satisfied
complacence self-satisfy, at ease
intuition sense, feeling, instinct, insight
tactful sensitive
perceptive sensitive, sharp, acute, insightful, discerning
dissect separate, inspect, examine, analyze, study
obsequious servile, fawning
austere severely simple
incisive sharp, keen penetrating, trenchant, acute
acrimony sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper
resplendent shining, splendid
malinger shirk
lurid shocking, gruesome
curtail shorten, cut, abbreviate, abridge
ephemeral short-lived, transient, brief, transitory
ostentation showiness, display, affectation
flaunt showoff, display
ostentatious showy, overly ornate, affected, immodest
bashful shy, timid, embarrassed
semaphore signal
muffle silence, soften
levity silliness, lack of serious intent, frivolous
straddle situated across
vilify slander, defame
calumny slander, smear, defamation, malicious statement
servile slavish
somnolent sleepy
phlegmatic sluggish, slow
modicum small amount
frugal small in quantity and cost
diminutive small, tiny, little
smudge smear
obscenity smut, curse
gregarious sociable, outgoing, friendly
amenity social courtesies
lava solidifies on cooling
congeal solidify, thicken, stiffen
reclusive solitary, secluded, isolated
sedative soporific
penitent sorry, sorrowful, regretful, remorseful, repentant
mellifluous sounding sweet and smooth
reservoir source of water supply
oration speech, address, lecture
pomp splendor, show, display
polarize split, oppose, conflict
fission splitting, dividing
coddled spoiled, tenderly or indulgently treated
emphatic spoken with any special impressiveness laid upon an act, word, or set of words
dispersal spread, scatter
touchstone standard
cohesion stick together
extant still existing and known.
catalyst stimulus, motivator, activist
inducement stimulus, motive, enticement
halt stop, end, close, terminate
cryptic strange, indecipherable
maneuver strategy, tactic, and movement
digression straying, departure, rambling, deviation
stern strict
vigorous strong, energetic
assert strongly, positively express something
obstinate stubborn, firm, unyielding, inflexible
epidemiology study of the incidence and distribution of disease
etymology study of words
hobble stumble, stagger
suppress subdue, keep quiet
immerse submerge, bathe, sink, soak, engross
surrogate substitute
abruptness sudden and unexpected
spate sudden outpouring, flood
totality sum
condescending superior, arrogant, patronizing, imperious
buttress support, reinforcement, foundation
partisan supporter
proponent supporter, advocate
repressed suppress
quell suppress, conquer, subdue
apathy suppression of sense, passion or feeling
devour swallow up, eat, consume, gobble up, gorge, and gulp
morass swamp, difficult situation
bilk swindle, cheat
empathy sympathy, understanding, comprehension, communion
methodical systematic, careful, precise
loquacious talkative, overly chatty, wordy
tactile tangible, touchable
moderation temperance, sobriety
transient temporary, fleeting
dilatory tending to cause delay
dismissive tending to dismiss from consideration
deferment the act of delaying
abhorrence the act of detesting extremely
elocution the art of correct intonation, inflection, and gesture in public speaking or reading
divination the attempt to predict the future
ambivalence the coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.
outpouring the condition of rapidly pouring out
anthropocentrism the practice, conscious or otherwise, of regarding the existence and/or concerns of human beings as the central fact of the universe
maturation the process of becoming mature
propulsion the process of propelling, a force that propels
hedonism the pursuit of pleasure in life
affability the quality of being pleasant and friendly
friction the rubbing of one surface against another
jingoism the spirit, policy, or practice of jingoes
affiliation the state of being associated
manifestation the state of manifesting
idolatrous the worship of a physical object
larceny theft, robbery, stealing
tenuousness thin, insubstantial
pensive thoughtful, wistful
tact thoughtfulness, consideration, good manner
ominous threatening, menacing
menacing threatening, scary, frightening
provident thrifty, careful
fainthearted timid, cowardly, afraid
gratuity tip, gift, extra
indefatigable tireless, energetic, inexhaustible
provocative titillating, exciting, disturbing, stimulating
arbitrate to act or give judgment as umpire
aerates to add a gas to liquid, especially a drink
aerates to allow air to act on something
allege to assert to be true, especially in a formal manner, as in court
allure to attract with something desirable
evade to avoid by artifice
equivocate to avoid stating or declaring
eschew to avoid, shun, abstain
elicit to bring from, to garner a response, to evoke or provoke
enthrall to bring or hold under any overmastering influence
pollinate to bring pollen to a flower
pander to cater to, curry favor with a group
ossify to cause to become rigid or hard, especially to become like bone
derail to cause to fail or delay
gild to coat with gold or a substance containing or resembling gold
galvanize to coat with zinc
obliterate to completely destroy, eradicate
vanquished to conquer
deliberate to consider carefully, think about
emulate to copy, imitate with intent to equal or surpass
bureaucratize to create a bureaucracy
improvise to create with what is readily available
improvise to create without preparation
adorn to decorate something
depreciate to decrease in value
contrive to design
eradicate to destroy thoroughly
contrive to devise, plot, scheme
extenuate to diminish the gravity or importance of
disavow to disclaim responsibility for
disillusion to disenchant, free from illusion
dissipate to disperse or disappear
gall to do something without caring that other people think you are being rude
forgo to do without, deny, abstain
encompass to encircle, surround, contain, embrace, and comprehend
enfranchise To endow with a privilege, especially with the right to vote
exasperate to excite great anger in
exhilarate to excite, stimulate, thrill
debunk to expose, disprove, unmask, refute
lament to feel or express sorrow or regret for
thwart to foil
flanked to form
entrench to fortify or protect, as with a trench or ditch and wall
invigorate to give energy
succumb to give way to superior force
lubricate to grease, to make smooth with oil, grease, or other substance
hail to greet or welcome
dissemble to hide by pretending something different
appall to horrify, dismay or shock
antagonize to incur the dislike of
discredit to injure the reputation of
encroach to intrude or invade partially and appropriate the possessions of another
entangle to involve in difficulties, confusion, or complications
adjudicate to judge something such as a competition, or to make an official decision
abstain to keep oneself back (from doing or using something)
dissolve to liquefy or soften, as by heat or moisture
gaze to look at someone or something for a long time
abase to lower in position, estimation, or the like
embark to make a beginning in some occupation or scheme
embellish to make beautiful by adding attractive or ornamental features
enact to make into law, as by legislative act.
mitigate to make less severe, lessen
exacerbate to make more sharp, severe, or virulent
Deteriorate to make or become worse or inferior in character, quality, value, etc.
abridge to make shorter
nullify to make void, to make
embezzle to misappropriate secretly
enumerate to name one by one
juxtapose to place side by side in order to compare
forebode to portend, foretell, or prophesy
extol to praise in the highest terms
engender to produce
subsidize to provide aid, especially financial
discomfit to put to confusion
peruse to read with care and special attention
disparage to regard or speak of slightingly
exonerate to relieve or vindicate from accusation, imputation, or blame
remote to remove, distant
oust to remove, to force from a position or location
enervate to render ineffective or inoperative
escapism to seek distraction and relief from reality
vengeful to seek revenge
usurp to seize power by force
predetermine to settle in advance
abash to shame or embarrass someone
instill to slowly add, gradually insert or inject
mollify to soothe, soften, pacify, calm
disseminate to sow or scatter abroad, as seed is sown
chide to speak out in angry or displease rebuke
galvanize to stimulate into action or activity
syncopate to stress normally beats that are normally unstressed
fumigate to subject to the action of smoke or fumes, especially for disinfection
startle to surprise, to alarm, disturb by surprise
deviate to take a different course
exploit to take advantage of
detract to take away in such manner as to lessen value or estimation.
divulge to tell or make known, as something previously private or secret.
digress to turn aside from the main subject
liquefy to turn into liquid
distort to twist into an unnatural or irregular form
contort to twist, bend, or draw out of shape
acclaim to utter with a shout
atrophy to waste away
anesthesia total or partial loss of sensation
impinge touch, trespass, invade, and encroach
palpable touchable, visible
halcyon tranquil, calm
placid tranquil, peaceful, serene, gentle
ensnare trap, snare, catch, entangle
perfidious treacherous, faithless, two-faced
insidious treacherous, sneaky, subtle
trove treasure
tremulous trembling, shaking
excursion trip, journey, tour
hackneyed trite, commonplace, unoriginal, overworked
banal trite, overused, common
banality triteness, common-place
confidant trusted friend, companion
verisimilitude truth, appearance of reality
candor truthfulness, frankness, openness
swerving turn sharply, diverge
convoluted twisted, complicated
despotic tyrannical
despot tyrant, an absolute ruler, autocrat
austere unadorned
inevitable unavoidable, predestined
effrontery unblushing impudence
incessant unceasing, never-ending, relentless
indefinite uncertain, ambiguous, undetermined, unspecific, unknown
irresolute uncertain, hesitant, undecided
ambivalence uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow
inexorable unchangeable, inevitable, inescapable
immutable unchangeable, inflexible, unbreakable, stable
invariable unchanging, constant, steady, consistent, stable, unbroken
vague unclear
intransigent uncompromising, stubborn, rigid, resolute
indifference unconcerned, lack of interest
oblivious unconscious, unaware
subvert undermine, destroy, ruin, disrupt
tacit understood without being directly expressed
nondescript undistinguished, amorphous
extravagance undue expenditure of money
fickle unduly changeable in feeling, judgment, or purpose
unparalleled unequaled, unmatched
rugged uneven, rough, irregular
unprecedented unexampled or
inexplicable unexplainable, mysterious, puzzling, incomprehensible
callous unfeeling, insensitive, heartless, uncaring, indifference
insensitive unfeeling, thoughtless, indifference, obtuse
inconsequential unimportant, illogical, irrelevant, insignificant
improbable unlikely, doubtful, dubious
inauspicious unlucky, unfavorable
ungovernable unmanageable, out of control
inconspicuous unnoticeable, undistinguished, unapparent
unheralded unnoticed
capricious unpredictable, fickle, impulsive, unstable
scoundrel unprincipled person
illusory unreal, imaginary, deceptive, false
latent unrealized potential, unused talent or ability
unfetter unrestricted, unrestrained
indecorous unseemly, violating standards of taste or behavior
volatile unstable
vain unsuccessful
incompatible unsuited, opposite, contrary, inharmonious, mismatched
unflagging untiring, unrelenting
tacit unvoiced, unspoken
exhort urge, admonish, persuade, and warn
utilitarian useful
inoculation vaccination, immunization, injection, shot
waver vacillate, go back and forth, uncertain
imprecise vague or ill-defined
indistinct vague, obscure, blurry
obscure vague, unclear
narcissistic vain, excessively interested in oneÆs self
avant-garde vanguard, cutting edge
vindictive vengeful
garish very brightly colored and unpleasant to look at
arid very dry
lofty very high, noble
dupe victim, trick, easy mark
picturesque vivid, unique, colorful, idyllic
regurgitate vomit, throw up
susceptible vulnerable
mural wall painting
protégé ward, pupil
ripple ware, undulate
squander waste
debilitate weaken, handicap, disable
undermined weaken, impair, debilitate
frenzy wild excitement or derangement
feral wild, untamed, undomesticated
bequeath will, handover, bestow, give, leave, consign
headstrong willful, obstinate, stubborn
prudent wise, thoughtful, cautious, careful
atrophy wither or deteriorate
amorphous without determinate shape
unprecedented without previous instance
jaded worn out, tired, exhausted, bored
hollow worthless, futile, pointless
transcribed write out, translate
succumb yield: to succumb to despair.
concession yielding, granting, conceding, acknowledgement
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