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Honors Government 1

What is the difference between a constitutional monarchy and an absolute monarchy? In an absolute monarchy the Shah or the Sheik has all the power, when in a constitutional monarchy they are only ceremonial.
How does the role of the leader differ in a parliamentary vs. presidential style of government? In a parliamentary government the prime minister has a say in the legislative processes, when a president doesn't.
What is the premise behind Plato's The Republic? Everyone is equal and there aren't social classes.
How do the ideas presented in the Declaration of Independence compare to Locke's Theory of Natural Rights and Revolution? They are almost all the same.
What is an oligarchy? When a small group of people rule.
How might Great Britain's Prime Minister lose his/her job? They can be voted out.
Who benefits from living in an autocratic government? -The military. -The king/dictator's family.
What is the difference between the House of Commons and Lords? The house of Lords has no power.
Divine Right When someone inherits the power.
What is meant by a monarchy being a "figure head"? It is ceremonial.
How is the lawmaking power distributed under a confederation? The state governments have most of the power.
Anarchy No government, government without law.
Authoritarian Ruled by a small group.
Autocracy Ruled by one person.
Direct Democracy The people vote for everything.
Dictatorship A person who take control usually with the help of the military.
Direct Democracy The people have direct power.
Locke He created the social contract.
Absolute Monarchy Devine right. The power is inherited.
Constitutional Monarchy The King is just for ceremonial purposes.
Oligarchy Ruled by a select group.
Parliament The leader is a part of the lawmaking body.
Presidential Congress creates laws. Executive carries out.
Prime Minister A member of the majority party helps decide laws.
Representative Democracy The people choose representatives.
Theocracy Ruled by religious groups.
The Republic Written by Plato, a classless society.
Unitary The power is located in one central government.
Form a more perfect union. Promote cooperation between the national and stat governments.
Establish justice. Make laws fair and treat citizens equally.
Insure domestic tranquility. Keep communities safe from crime and disorder.
Provide for the Common Defense. Prevent attacks from foreign nations.
Promote the General Welfare. Improve the quality of people's lives.
Secure the Blessings of Liberty Allow people to be free from unnecessary and unjust laws.
Created by: TheATL
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