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BIO202 - Ch 22 - Nose & Throat - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

The nasal vestibule is lined with __. skin containing sebaceous & sweat glands & hair follicles (vibrissae).
Nasal cavity lined w/what 2 mucous membranes. Olfactory (small receptors) & respiratory (pseudostratified) columnar ciliated & goblet cells).
Serous cells in respiratory mucosa secrete? Watery fluid w/enzymes including lysozyme & defensins.
Why does nose run when cold outside? The cilia in mucus membrane become sluggish & don't conduct mucus down throat.
The curved conchae __. greatly increase mucosal surface area exposed to air & enhance air turbulance in the cavity.
Few particles larger than __ nanometers make it past nasal cavity. 6
What reclaims heat & moisture during exhalation? Conchae & nasal mucosa
rhinitis Inflammation of nasal mucosa - "runny nose"
The pharynx is commonly called? The throat
3 regions of pharynx nasopharynx, oropharynx, & laryngopharynx
Nasopharynx serves only as __. an air passageway - uvula closes off to prevent food from entering - continuous w/nasal cavity.
Swollen adnoids block the __. nasopharynx
The tubal tonsils help protect __. middle ear from infections likely spread from nasopharynx.
As nasopharynx blends into oropharynx, the epithelium changes from __. pseudostratified columnar to a more protective stratified squamous.
The palatine & lingual tonsils are found where? Embedded in the oropharyngeal mucosa.
The laryngopharynx is continuous w/ __ posteriorly. esophagus
The adam's apple is the __. laryngeal prominence
The framework of the larynx. 9 cartillages connected by membranes & ligaments.
The __ seals the larynx when we swollow. Epiglottis - 9th cartilage - elastic - covered by tastebud - containing mucosa.
The true vocal cords are __. The pearly white vocal folds that vibrate & produce sound.
Vocal folds close during? Valsalva's maneuver - lifting heavy load & emptying the rectum - defecation.
Windpipe Trachea
3 layers of trachea mucosa (goblet cell-containing pseudostratified), submucosa (CT w/seromucous glands) & adventitia (CT & hyaline cartilage).
patent open
In trachea, food contacting mucosa of __ causes violent coughing. carina
Choking closes off the __. trachea - Heimlich maneuver can open.
Created by: Ladystorm