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Female Perineum

Urogenital Diaphragm and Female Perineum

Name the levator ani muscles Puborectalis, Pubococcygeus and iliococcygeus
True or False: The female pelvis is a bit stronger than a male False. It is a bit weaker
What does the Levator plate of the levator ani provide during childbirth? Some resistance against the forces of the birth process
Name the perineal triangles Anal triangle and urogenital triangle
What arch are the levator ani muscles attached to? The tendenous arch
What is the central portion of the female pelivs portion prone to? Weakness
Name the parts of the vagina? Labia majora, labia minora, glans clitoris
What is the region in between the labia minora and vaginal orifice referred to as? The vestibule of the vagina
How is the glans clitoris similar to the corpus cavinosa in males? It has 2 crura
What do the paraurethral glands do? They excrete mucus
Where are the greater vestibular glands located? At the base of the vestibule
True or False: Both labias are skin True
What is the gubernactulum called in the female? Round ligament of the uterus
What does the round ligament of the uterus pass through and attach to? Through the deep and superficial inguinal rings and attaches to the floor of the labia majora
What type of fascia is on the superficial pouch? Colles fascia
True or False: When you are standing up the perineal membrane is the roof of the superficial pouch? True. And when lying down it is the floor of the pouch
What is the deep fascia referred to as? Gallaudet's fascia. It is investing fascia because it wraps around the muscles
Where is the bulb of the vestibule in relation to the bulbospongiousus muscle? It is underneath it
Is thee clitoris considered to be in the superficial pouch? No
Name the parts of the clitoris Angle, body, Glans, Crus, ischiopubic ramus
What type of tissue is the clitoris considered? Erectile tissue
Is skeletal muscle located in the deep pouch or superficial pouch? superficial pouch
In which pouch is deep transverse perineal muscle located? Deep pouch
The skeletal muscle around the urethra is called what? External sphincter called sphincter urethra
What is the perineal body important for maintaining the integrity of? The wall of the pelvis
What type of nerve is the pudendal nerve? somatic nerve, s2, s3, s4
How does the pudendal nerve exit and come into the pelvis? Exits by way of the greater sciatic foramen and enters by lesser sciatic foramen
Where does the right common iliac go to when it passes through the brim of the pelvis? Goes to the internal iliac artery
What does the perineal nerve go into? The superficial pouch
What is Alcock's canal? It is the fascia of the oburator internus that's wrapped around the pudendal nerve and the internal pudendal rectal nerves
What does the external iliac artery become? The femoral artery on the front of the thigh
What does the internal pudendal artery piggy back on? The pudendal nerve
Where does the internal pudendal artery distribute itself? In the ischioanal fossa and moves forward to the pudendal area
What does the internal pudendal artery become? The inferior rectal artery
What do superficial inguinal lymph nodes drain? Lymph from the labia majora
What lymph nodes drain the pouches? Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Where does the sympathetic chain continue? All the way down to the coccyx
What is the one unpaired ganglion called? Ganglion inpar (has cells for sympathetic nerves)
True or False: S4 is going to be the pudendal nerve True
True or False: Splanchnic nerves can contain sympathetic or parasympathetic pre-synapic fibers True
What type of nerves does the lumbar region give rise to? Sym or Parasym Sympathetic nerves from lateral horn
What kind of nerves does the superior hypogastric plexus contain? Pre-synapic and post-synapic sympathetic nerves
The pre-synapic nerves in the superior hypogastric plexus is from where? The lumbar
What kind of nerves does the intermediolateral horn of the sacral region give rise to? Parasympathetic presynapic fibers
Where do pelvic splanchnics come from? From the sacral spinal cord (Parasympathetic)
True or False: The inferior hypogastric plexus contain only the pelvic splanchnics? False. It also contains all of the splanchnics from the superior hypogastric
Are parasympathetics or sympathetics responsible for erection? Parasympathetics
Is emission a parasympathetic or sympathetic response? Sympathetic
What closes the internal urethral sphincter during ejaculation? Sympathetics from L1 and L2
When a woman has an orgasm what glands squirt? Paraurethral glands and glands of the bartholin



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