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BCMS Word Power L4

Vocabulary practice with SAT words

to stop short and refuse to proceed balk
to trade; to give back and forth; to bat to and fro bandy
a curtain of artillery fire; any overwhelming attack, as of words of blows barrage
the unlawful beating of a person; act of beating or pounding; any large group of related things battery
a small, inexpensive trinket bauble
a place or scene of noisy uproar and confusion bedlam
being in a state of intellectual darkness; ignorant; unenlightened benighted
something left to someone in a will bequest
a group of animals; an assemblage bevy
lacking flavor or zest; dull bland
"A pirate __________ at WALKING the plank." balking
"Trick or treaters like to _________ CANDY." bandy
"Our GARAGE was __________ with eggs on Halloween." barraged
"__________ with a BATTERY." battery
"A BULL'S __________." bauble
"__________ in the LAMB'S BED." bedlam
"A __________ KNIGHT." benighted
"Joe's last _________ was to GO WEST." bequest
"A __________ of HEAVIES." bevy
"After months at sea Columbus kissed the LAND, but found it __________." bland
(bawk) balk
(BAN dee) bandy
(bah RAJ) barrage
(BAT ur ee) battery
(BAW bul) bauble
(BED lum) bedlam
(be NI tid) benighted
(bi KWEST) bequest
(BEV ee) bevy
(bland) bland
Created by: kault


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