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Unit 4 vocab

A rectangular cracker made of whole-wheat flour gram cracker
A garden plant with showy, variously colored floweres zinnia
Growths of hair down the sides of a man's face sideburns
A tree or shrub with large white or pink flowers magnolia
A system of writing and printing for the blind Brail
A plant with waxy flowers and often colorfully marked leaves begonia
A shrub with glossy evergreen leaves and large, fragrant with flowers gardenia
A man or fellow guy
A unit of electrical measurment volt
A tight-fitting garmentf often worn by dancers leotard
A stiff felt hat with a round crown and a narrow, curved brim derby
A large crane for lifting and moving heavy objects derrick
A wind instrument with a curved metal body saxophone
The tree's ___ was like a dark hand against the sky. silhouette
Will you join the ___ of Halley's Flower Shop to protest the store's high prices? boycott
The red fruit hanging from the ___ bush looked ripe. boisenberry
Mr. Seiji is considered a ___ by other botanists because of his independent views. maverick
Emma wore a ___ in case it rained during the nature hike. mackentosh
Each time we reached the top of the ___, we could see the entire fairground and the surrounding gardens. Farris wheel
My grandmother knitted me a ___ and added flower-shaped buttons. cardigan
My upper leaves look like petals. poinsettia
I am a ship of the air. zepplin
I am a huge tree from California. sequoia
My drooping flowers are usually red and purple. fushisa
When I do this, I am hypnotic. mesmerized
Created by: Kittycat2018
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