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Promotion board Awards and Decorations

What army regulation covers military awards? AR 600-8-22
What regulation can you find information about civilian awards? AR 672-20
What time frame is considered "expiditiously processed" for awards? Within 60 days
When are handwritten recomendations for awards accepted? Wartime
How should awards be written in peacetime? Typed
What is the objective of the DA military Awards Program? To provide recognition for acts of valor, exceptional service or achievement, special skills, and acts of heroism not involving actual combat.
Individual awards are grouped in what six categories? *Decorations *Good conduct medal *Campaign and service medals *Service ribbons *Badges and tabs *Certificates and letters
What is the time limitation for the recommendation of an award? 2 years after act or service to be honored
What is the only military decoration that can be awarded more than 3 years after the act? Purple heart
What is a decoration? A distinctively designed mark of honor denoting heroism or meritorious/outstanding service or achievement for individuals and units.
How does the award of the purple heart differ from that of all other documentations? An individual is not "recommended", rather he/she is entitled to it upon meeting the specific criteria.
Soldiers of what "flagged" status may still recieve awards or decorations? What "flagged status requires a waver? APFT failures. Overweight.
Can a soldier still recieve an award they earned prior to being dismissed, dishonorably discharged, or convicted of desertion? No.
No more than one of the same decoration can be awarded to an individual for the same act. What is awarded in lieu of decorations for each succeeding act? An oak leaf cluster
Can the award of personal decorations be revoked? Yes, if the awarding authority if subsequent facts discovered would have prevented original approval if they were known at the time.
The awards of any combat or special skills badge will be automatically revoked under what conditions? Dismissal from the service, dishonorable discharge, or conviction of desertion during wartime.
Under what conditions are marksmanship badges revoked? Failure of subsequent qualifications.
What is engraved on the reverse side of the medal of honor? The grade, name, and orginization of the awardee.
The order of precendence for wear within the various classes of medals and service ribbons is described where? Paragraph 29-5, AR 670-1
What are the four degrees of the legion of merit in order of precedence from highest to lowest? Chief commander, Commander, Officer, Legionnaire
Who established the award of the purple heart? General George Washington at Newburgh, new york, on 07Aug1782
Who may recommend someone for an award? Any individual with personal witness of the act may submit a formal recommendation into military command channels.
Can you recommend yourself for an award? No, the military does not condone self recognition.
What decorations cannot be awarded to general officers? AAM and ARCOM
Can a soldier recieve an AGCM after recieving non-judicial punishment? Yes, at the commanders discretion after review of the nature of the infraction.
On what occasions is the Good Conduct Medal Certificate presented to recipients? Upon recieval of first medal and on retirement
What DA Form is the good conduct medal certificate? DA Form 4950
When is a silver oak leaf cluster worn on a ribbon? In place of 5 bronze oak leaf clusters
When is the wearing of more than one ribbon for the same decoration authorized? For all bronze oak leaf clusters following a silver may be placed on a second ribbon up until a second silver oak leaf cluster is authorized, which will be placed next to the first silver oak leaf cluster on the original ribbon and the second removed.
What is meant by the term "valor"? Heroism performed under combat conditions
How many "V" devices may be worn on a ribbon? Only one
What is the purpose of an arrowhead on certain campaign and service medals? To denote participation on a combat parachute jump during that campaign.
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