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Dev of urinary sys

Development of urinary system

What is a compenent of the amniotic fluid? Urine
Describe myometrium It is all smooth muscle. Important in supporting the development of fetus. And expelling fetus at full term
What is mucosa? When concepsus. will start to get more glandular tissue. Starts to produce hormones. It will bring blood supply to the fetus
Describe the placenta It is a large organ. Tertiary side is filled with blood. There is intervillus space (outside of villus) where the maternal blood supply is suqirt
What happens if amnion is ruptured? Oligohydraminos: Amniotic fluid is lost or decreased. THe fetus can't expand or move. the lungs won't develop
Name deformities due to oligohydraminos Potter's facies: Couldn't grow properly. Renal Agenesis: Kidneys not developing
What mesoderm do the kidneys develop from? Intermediate mesoderm develops into kidneys and genital systme
When the gonad is elongated what is the portion of the kidney referred to? Mesonephros
Describe the mesonephric duct At first it is not hollow. the mesoderm in the area develops into a epithelium
What is the pronephro kidney? Early on kidney (it looks like a flat worm)It has a small collecting duct that is there for a short period then disappears (doesn't have blood supply)
Describe the mesonephric system Starts around head, moves down and head region disappears.
What happens when things become unecessary in the mesonephric system development? They get picked up by the gonad and become functional for the gonadal tissue
True or False: The tubule system becomes functional False. It does not become functional and gets picked up by the gonad
When does the mesonephric duct become hollow? As soon as it makes contact with cloaca it starts to become hollow from inferior to superior
Describe the paramesonephric duct It is also growing while the rest is growing and will be part of reproductive system but develops in the urogenital ridge
List steps of metaphrenic kidney development 1. Epithelial tube formation and elongation. 2. tubule branching. 3. cell condensation. 4. mesenchymal to epithelial conversion. 5. specificaiton and differentiation of cells
What did the ureteric bud develop from It is mesoderm that developed from epithilialzation from the mesonephric duct
What is the mesenchym around the ureteric bud called? Metanephric blastema
Describe the interaction between the bud and blastema? One induces the other and the other in turn induces the other and it goes back and forth
What is the system from the ureteric bud called? The collecting system: Drains the urine
What is the system from the metanephric blastema called? The excretory component (going to make the urine)
What elements are in the metanephric blastema? Elements responsible for inducing. Mesenchyme will induce the duct and vice versa to proliferate more factors
How does the gonad and kidney move in development? The gonad moves down and the kidney moves up
How does the kidney get blood supply from the dorsal aorta? New blood vessels form off of the aorta and the old ones regress
Where is the venous drainage going? Into the inferior vena cava
What is a horseshoe kidney? When the kindeys become confluent and don't separate. Get snagged on the point where the superior mesenteric artery leaves the aorta. usually no affect.
What is a pelvic kidney? when the kidney doesn't rise
Describe changes in the urogenital sinus during development It gets smaller and the phallus is growing. there is a septum coming down. the cloaca is separating into urogenital area and a anal area
Describe the exstrophy of mesonephric duct As the bladder gets bigger it pulls in the duct
Where is the urinary trigon located? At the base of the bladder between where the urethra is leaving and where the two ureters enter. It is a common area for cancer
In relation to males what does the mesonephric duct become? The ductus deferens
Where is the central tendon located in the perineum> In the middle. Where the urorectal septum comes down and attaches to the ectoderm
Name the folds involved in cloacal septation 2 Rathke folds from the left and right that join in the center. 1 tourneux fold that joins from the top
Name improper septation of cloacal region High urorectal fistula: Overgrowth of Rathke's fold. Imperforate anus: A pit without connection
Name anomalies of the ureter Duplication of ureters. Ectopic ureters: It can go into vagina or enter from top causing problems
Where is the normal place for urters to enter the bladder? Posteroinferior side of bladder
Name anomolies of the urachus Urachal fistula: uring can come out of umbilical scar. Urachal cyst: Sometimes confused with umbilical hernia. Urachal sinus: Pus coming out of umbilical scar. Lower urinary tract obstruction
Describe lower urinary tract obstruction Lower urinal tract is blocked off and the urine is retained in the bladder



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