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NMRP 6-8

Weeks 6-8

Concourse a crowd
Condone to forgive
Conduit pipe or tube
Conflagration a large fire
Conjecture to guess
Connivance conspiracy
Connubial relating to marriage
Consonant in agreement or harmony
Contentious quarrelsome
Contrite apologetic
Contusion a bruise
Convex curve outward
Convivial friendly
Coquetry flirtation
Corona bright circle, crown
Corpulent fatness
Countermand to cancel
Cozen to trick
Crony close friend
Crotchety grouchy
Crucible a severe test
Crux the essential part
Cudgel club or thick stick
Culpable worthy of blame
Façade outward appearance
Facetious sarcastic
Facsimile duplicate
Faculty ability or skill
Fanciful imaginative
Fathom to understand, a nautical measurement
Fauna animals of a certain area
Fawn excessively flattering manner
Fealty loyalty, devotion
Felicity happiness
Felonious harmful
Fervid enthusiastic
Fete to entertain
Filch to steal
Filial like a son or daughter
Fissure opening or split
Flabbergasted astonished
Flagrant shocking, bad
Flair a knack, natural talent
Flippant treating serious matters lightly
Flora plant life in a certain area
Flotilla a fleet of ships
Flotsam floating wreckage
Flout to ridicule
Fluvial pertaining to a river
Foible a minor fault
Foment to stir up
Fop excessively vain, foolish
Forgo to give up
Fracas brawl, uproar
Fretful worried
Fulsome disgusting
Furor rage
Futile hopeless, useless
Dally to waste time
Dappled spotted
Debacle a complete failure
Debonair charming
Decapitate to behead
Decry to denounce
Defunct extinct
Deleterious harmful
Delirium wild excitement
Deluge a flood
Demented insane
Denigrate to ruin one’s reputation
Depreciate to reduce in value
Derogatory belittling
Desiccate to dry up
Despot a dictator
Diadem crown
Diaphanous transparent
Didactic instructive
Din loud noise
Discordant harsh-sounding
Disparity difference, inequality
Distend to expand, to swell
Dither confused
Divergent off point
Gadfly a person who annoys others
Gall bitterness
Gallant noble
Gambol to romp about
Gamut the whole range
Gape to stare with open mouth
Gargantuan gigantic
Garish gaudy
Garner to acquire
Garrulous talkative
Gaudy flashy
Doddering senile
Doldrums low spirits
Dolorous sad
Dolt a stupid person
Dorsal pertaining to the back
Dossier a group of documents
Dour gloomy
Dowdy shabby
Dregs leftovers
Droll amusing in an odd way
Dupe to deceive
Dynamo a powerful person
Dysphasia difficulty speaking
Eccentric odd, weird
Echelon level of power
Eclipse to outshine
Effervescent bubbly, spirited
Egalitarian belief in equality
Egress exit
Elucidate to make clear
Elysian blissful
Emaciated abnormally thin
Embellish to decorate, add details
Emetic cause vomiting
Empirical based on experience rather than theory
Enamored in love with
Encompass to include
Created by: edyeomans
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