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NMRP 8-10

Weeks 8-10

obdurate stubborn
obfuscate to confuse
oblation an offering
oblique indirect
obloquy bad reputation from public disgrace
obsequious submissive or overly attentive
obstreperous loud and unruly
obtrude to push something toward or upon a person
obviate to prevent
occlude to close, block out
odious disgusting
olfactory pertaining to smell
omnifarious of all kinds
onerous burdensome
onus burden
opulent rich, luxurious
orifice opening
ornithology study of birds
orthodox accepting traditional beliefs, conventional
oscillate to swing or move back and forth
ossify to change into bone or become rigid
ostensible apparent
ostracize to banish
ovine like a sheep
ovoid egg-shaped
gaunt thin and bony
gelid very cold
genial friendly
gentry upper class
genuflect to kneel
germane relevant
gesticulation lively gestures
gird encircle
glean to gather with great effort
gloaming twilight
glower frown
gossamer light, flimsy, fine
gourmand a glutton
gregarious friendly
grimace an expression of disapproval
grotto cave
gruff rough or harsh manner
guile deceit, trickery, cunning
gumption courage and initiative
gustatory pertaining to the sense of taste
guttural unpleasant sound
hackneyed overused, banal
halcyon calm
hallow to make holy
harangue long speech
harbinger an omen
harrowing distressing
harry to worry
haughty arrogant
hedonist a pleasure-seeker, self indulgent
hegemony strong influence
heinous hateful or shocking
hemophilia tendency to bleed
herculean tremendous in size
hermetic airtight
hiatus pause or rest
hirsute hairy, bearded
hoary white with age
hodgepodge mixture
homily a sermon
hoodwink to deceive
hubris excessive pride or self-confidence
hue color
humus black soil for fertilizing
hurtle to speed
hyperbole extreme exaggeration
machination evil design
maelstrom whirlpool
magnanimous generous
maim cripple
maladroit clumsy or unskillful
malady disease
malapropism word humorously misused
malediction curse
malfeasance wrongdoing
malingerer one who pretends to be ill to avoid work
manacle handcuff
manumit set free
maritime pertaining to the ocean
masochist one who enjoys his own pain
masticate to chew
maudlin very sentimental
maverick non-conformist
meander to wander aimlessly
ebullient enthusiastic
ebb slowly decrease
edifice structure, building
efface wipe out
egalitarian belief in the equality of all men
egregious very bad, outrageous
elegy sad poem or speech
eloquent articulate, speaking well
elysian blissful
emollient something that soothes or softens
emulate imitate
enervate to weaken
ennui boredom
ensue to follow
environs surroundings
ephemeral temporary, short-lived
epiphany appearance of a deity, revelation
epithet descriptive word or phrase
equine pertaining to horses
erudite scholarly
espouse support
euphemism substitution of one expression for another
euthanasia mercy killing
exculpate to free from blame
exhume to bring out of the groud
exigent urgent
expiate to atone for
extemporaneous done without preparation
extol to praise
plebeian pertaining to the lower classes
plethora abundance
plutocracy rule by the wealthy class
poignant distressing, affecting the emotions
polemic a controversy
ponderous heavy
posthumous after death
precarious uncertain or risky
precipitous extremely steep
predilection a liking, preference, inclination
prescience knowledge of things before they happen
primogeniture state of being the first born
privation loss of something essential
Created by: edyeomans
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