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Liver and Extra

Liver and Extrahepatic Bbillary Apparatus

What origin is the parenchyma of the liver? Mesodermal origin from septum transversum
Is the endodermal outgrowth from teh second part of the duodenum part of the parenchyma of the liver? No
Name the 3 ducts of the duct system? Common bile, Cystic and hepatic
What is posterior to the foramen of winslow? IVC
how many segments are there of the liver? 8. 4 right and 4 left
How many segments does the left and right hepatic artery supply of the liver? 4
What is the portal triad entering the liver? Bile duct, Portal vein and Hepatic artery
Where does the aterial blood into the liver come from? The celiac trunk and hepatic artery
what does the common hepatic artery branch into? Gastroduodenal and hepatic artery proper
What does the hepatic artery proper branch into? Right gastric. Most times gives off left and right branch to functional left and functional right lobe of liver
What does the hepatic portal vein divide into? Major left and major right
Where does the hepatic portal vein begin? Confluence of superior mesenteric artery and splenic vein
How does blood leave the liver? Through hepatic veins buried in the liver and empty into IVC
Where is apical secretion headed? over the synosodes and to the central vein
What does basolateral secretion allow the bile to do? Flow in opposite directions. Bile canaliculi allow it.
True or false. 30% of the blood coming into the liver is portal vein False. 70%
true or false. 30% of blood coming into the liver is from hepatic artery? True
How is oxygen divided coming into liver? 1/2 from portal system. 1/2 from hepatic artery
What does the superior rectal vein anastomose with? Middle and inferior rectal vein
What do dorsal lumbar veins anastomose with? Tributaries of superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric veins
Where do veins of the falciform ligament anastomose? Around the umbilicus
Where does the middle rectal drain? Internal iliac
Where does the inferior rectal drain? Inferior pudendal and internal iliac
Obstruction of portal vein causes what? Hypertension, reversal of blood
What is a physical sign of cancer in GI tract? Jaundice when the skin turns yellow
What is an alternative to portal hypertension? Anastomose the splenic vein to the IVC instead
What regulates contraction of the gall bladder? Small peptide hormones. cholecystokinin secreted from stomach wall
True or False: Relaxation of sphincter of oddi is through parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve supply False. through hormonal peptides
What supplies the gallbladder? Right hepatic artery and most times cystic artery
What is the function of the gallbladder? Absorbing water and concentrating bile salts and acids
Placement in heptaduodenal ligament Common bile is on right. Hepatic artery proper is on left. Portal vein is posterior
Where can gallstones erode? In the duodnum or transverse colon
Can bile leak into the peritoneal cavity? No because the greater omentum seals it up
When gallbladder is inflammed and touches parietal peritoneum what happens? Somatic pain goes back through intercostal nerves
Describe live liver donor transplant Donor gives left side, lobe regeneratees right lobe grows up and is completely functional



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