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bio 105 exam1


a- without, lacking
ab- away from
able- capable
-ac pertaining to
acetabul- vinegar cup
acro- extremity
acou- hearing
adip- fat
ad- toward
aden/o- gland
aero- air,oxygen
af- toward
-al pertaining to
albi- white
aliment- nourishment
-algia painful condition
alveol- small hollow cavity
ambi- both, both sides
an- without, lack of
andr/o- male
angi/o- pertaining to vessel
aqua- water
ante- before
anti- against
apo- separated from
-aps, -apt fit, fasten
ar- without
-arche beginning, origin
athr/o- joint
artri/o- entry way
-ary associated with
-ase enzyme
-asis, -asia condition or state of
asthen- weakness
athero- fat
audio- hearing
auri- ear
auto- self
baro- weight, pressure
bene- good,well
bi- twice, double
bio- life
-blast germ, bud
brachi- arm
brady- slow
bronch- air passage
bucc- cheek
burs/o- purse
calc- calcium, limestone
callo- thick
calyc- small cup
capit/o- head
carcin- cancer
cardio- heart
carp/o- wrist
cat- breakdown
caud- tail
cephal- tail
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
cerebro- brain
cerv- neck
chondro- carilage, gristle
chloe/o- green
chrono- time
chrom/o- color
chym- juice
-cide kill
circum- around
cirrh/o- yellow
Created by: tmaggs17



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