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Bolger CH1 Flashcard

a-, an- without, lack of, absence od
ante- before, forward, in front of
anter(i), anter(o) front, forward
anti- against
-ase enzyme
audi(o) hearing
cephal(o) head
cerebr(o) brain
cervic(o) neck, cervix
circum- around, about
-coccus, -cocci bacterium, bacteria
contra- against
diplo- double, twofold
dors(o) back
dys- difficult, abnormal, bad, painful
-ectomy excision, to cut out
encephal(o) brain, inside the head
endo- inside
epi- outer,upon
eu- normal, easy, good
extra- outside
ger(o) old age
-gram picture, graph
-graph recording instrument
-graphy process of making an image
mal- bad
-pathy disease
-plegia paralysis
-ptosis prolapse, sagging, sagged
pyr-, pyro- fever , fire
-tomy incision, to cut into
lapar(o) abdomen
-logist who studies or specializes
-lysis destruction, break down
-osis condition, increase
poly- much, many
thorac(o) chest, thorax
later(o) side, lateral
-logy the study of
mast(o) breat, mammary
-meter instrument to measure or count
-metry process of measuring or counting
myc(o) fungus, fungi
non- not
ophthalm(o) eye
ot(o) ear
para- beside, near, beyond, abnormal
-phobia fear
physi(o) body function
-plasia development, formation
-plasty surgical repair
pod(o) foot
post- after
presby- old age
pysch(o) mind, mental
radi(o) x-ray
-rrhea flow, discharge
semi- half, partly
sub- under, below
supra- above, over, at the top of
-trophy development, growth
hemi- half
iso- equal, the same
peri- near, around, surrounding
hypo- low, below, down
-iasis condition of disease
inter- between, among
intra- within, inside
megalo- large, enlarged
homo- same, alike
hydr water
hydro- water
infra- below, beneath
-itis inflammation
mamm(o) breat, mammary gland
-megaly enlargement
-opia vision
-penia low number
-pexy fixation
poster(i), poster(o) back, behind
retro- behind, backward, in back of
-scope instrument used to exam or look
-scopy process of examining
syn- together, with, joined, fussed
tox-, toxi-, toxo- poison, toxin
trans- across, over
hyper- excessive, high, above, upward
Created by: BriannaBolger