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BS Surf Anatomy

Brainstem Surface Anatomy- Neuro 2

The pyramids are immediately ____ to the anterior median fissure Lateral
Lateral to the anterolateral sulcus are the _____ Olives
Rootlets of the ___ exit between the pyramids & the ___ in the ___ sulcus. Hypoglossal N.; Olive; Anterolateral
Rootlets of the _____ (3) cranial nn exit lateral to the ____. Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, cranial root of Accessory; Olives
The gracile nucleus (tubercle) lies immediately ___ to the posteromedian sulcus. Medial
In the floor/tegmentum of the 4th ventricle, immediately ___ to the midline lies the ___ & ___. Lateral; Vagal triangle; Hypoglossal triangle
The two lateral recesses of the medulla are _____ & the medial recess is called the ______. foramina of Luschka; foramen of Magendie
The basis pontis of ______ occupies the entire anterior aspect of the pons The bridge of the pons
The _______ lies in the basal sulcus/groove that extends along the midline of the basis pontis. Basilar Artery
Cranial nerve ____ exits bilaterally from the inferior pontine sulcus at the caudal border of the pons with the medulla. VI (Abducens N.)
The ______ attach the pons to the cerebellum. Middle Cerebellar Peduncles
The _____ (2) nerves emerge from the brainstem in the cerebellopontine area. This niche is formed by what 3 things? Facial & Vestibulocochlear; Caudal border of middle cerebellar peduncle, Adjoining part of cerebellum, & Upper part of medulla
What forms the rostral part of the floor of the 4th ventricle? Pons
The _____ lies lateral to the posterior medial sulcus in the floor of the 4th ventricle. Facial colliculus (formed by root of facial n. winding around abducens nuclei)
In the pons, what structures form the walls of the 4th ventricle? Superior Cerebellar Peduncle
The roof of the 4th ventricle in the pons is formed by what 3 things? Anterior Medullary velum, Brachia conjunctiva, Cerebellar vermis
Inside the midbrain at the midline, is a narrow passage from the 4th to the 3rd ventricle called _______. the cerebral aqueduct
The inferior (caudal) surface of the midbrain is formed by the ____ & the ______. What cranial nerves are associated with this area of the brain? Cerebral peduncles; Interpeduncular fossa; Optic & Oculomotor nerves
The posterior surface is called the ___ or ____ & contains the _____ made up of ______ & _________. Tectum; Roof; Corpora quadrigemina; Superior & Inferior colliculi
The ______ emerges just behind the inferior colliculus. Trochlear Nerve
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