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Anatomy Med Terms

Anatomy Medical Terms - word roots

Acou-, Acu Hearing, as in acoustics
Acr- extremity, as in acromegaly (excessive grouth of jaw, fingers, toes) or acrobat
Aden-, Adeno gland, as in adenoma, a gland-like tumor
Alg-, Algia pain as in neuralgia, pain along a nerve pathway
Angi- vessel, as in angiogram
Arthr- joint, as in arthritis
Auto- self, as i autoimmune, meaning attacking onself with antibodies
Bi- Life, living, as in biopsy
Blast- germ, bud, as in blastocyst, an embryonic cell
Blephar- eyelid, as in blepharitis
Brachi- arm, as in brachial artery in the upper arm
Bronch- trachea, windpipe, as in bronchitis
Bucc- cheek, as in the buccal muscle
Capit- head, as in to decapitate
Carcin- cancer, as in carcinoma
Cephal- head, as in encephalitis
Cerebr- brain, as in cerebrospinal fluid
Cheil- lip, as in cheilosis
Chol- Bile, gall, as in cholelithiasis
Chondr- cartilage, as in chondrocyte
Chrom0, chromat- color, as in hyperchromic
Cili eyelash
Colp- vagina,as in colposcopy
Cor-, Coron- heart, as in coronary artery
Cost- riv, as in costal
Crani- skull, as in cranium
Cry- cold, as in cryogenics
Cut- skin, as in subcutaneous
Cysiti-, cyst- sac, bladder, as in cystitis
Dactyl- digits, as in polydactyly
Derma- , dermato- skin, as in dermatitis
Dura- tough, hard, as in the dura mater
Enter- intestine, as in gastroenteritis
Erythr- red, as in erythrocyt
Galact- mild, as in galactose
gastr- stomach, as in gastric ulcer
gloss- tongue, as in hypoglossal
gluc- sugar, as in glucosuria
glyc- sweet, as in glycolysis
gravid- pregnant
gymn- naked, as in gymnosperm
gyn- female, women, as in gynecology
hem-, hemat- blood, as in hemotoma
hepar- liver, as in hepatitis
hist- tissue, as in histology
hydr- water, as in hydrated
hyster- uterus, as in hysterectomy
Ileo- ileum, as in ileocecal valve (digestive)
Ilio- ilium, as in iliosacral (pelvis)
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