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UA Practical

What is CCMS required for? A culture
What are the color options for physical exam? light straw, straw, dark straw, and amber
What are the transparency options for physical exam? clear, hazy, cloudy, and turbid
How do you calibrate the refractometer? with distilled water- blue/gray line to wt line
How do you read the refractometer? read scale on right ug/sg
How do you report the result for the refractometer? 1.000- must be three decimal places after
How do urine controls ensure accuracy?? Checks strips, operator and procedure
How do you prepare for Urine Control checks? 12 mL in distilled water, drop in neg/pos, invert for 2 minutes, sit for 30 min, invert 1 time and then read
What must be recorded for the urine controls? record date, control lot #, expiration date/ strip lot# expiration date in log book. Record result of quality control check and initials
What is the purpose of the desiccant for chemical testing? To keep strips dry
What are three things to keep in mind for proper storage of dipsticks? Tightly capped, stored in a cool and dry place
What should you do before using the dipstick? Check expiration date and compare with jar
How long is the strip dipped during the dipstick? Till pads are moistened
How should you hold the dipstick? Horizontally
Which squares should be read first on the dipstick? Which should be read last? glucose- 30 sec. Leukocytes- 2 min
What does hema-combistix look for? Glucose, pH, blood, protein
What is the clinitest used for? back up for Glucose. 5 drops of urine- boils- 15 seconds
How is the Acetest performed and what is it looking for? paper towel/ 1 drop of urine- shades of purple. Looking for ketones
How do you prepare a specimen for a microscopic exam? 10 mL in tube, centrifuge for 10 min at 2000 rpm.
How much should be left in the tube for a microscopic exam after it has been centrifuged? 1 mL
What can be seen at 10x low light for a microscopic exam? casts and mucous threads
What can be seen at 45x higher lights for a microscopic exam? RBCs, WBCs, yeast, bacteria, squamous epithelial cells, air bubble and fiber
Which specimen should be used for a pregnancy test? First morning
What should NOT be done to the urine when testing for pregnancy? NO swirling
What is the correct order of the dipstick? 1. Dip 2.remove 3.start 4.drag
Created by: lecopple1