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Female Reproduction

Abruptio Placenta Premature separation of the placenta
Adnexa Accessory parts of a structure
Amniocentesis Surgical puncture to remove and analyze amniotic fluid; after 14 weeks gestation
Amnion Innermost membrane and fluid that Encloses the developing fetus and the fluid in which the fetus is bathed
Cervicitis Inflammation of the cervix
Choriocarcinoma Malignant neoplasm of the uterus or at the of the ectopic pregnancy
Colporrhaphy Suture of the vagina
Conization Excision of a cone of tissue for histologic examination
Corpus Luteum When the rupture of a graafian Follicle at ovulation produces a "yellow body" which secretes progesterone and estrogen
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
D&C Dilation and curettage
Down's syndrome congenital chromosomal defect Characterized by physical malformations and varied degrees of mental retardation
Dysmenorrhea Menstrual pain
Dyspareunia Pain during sexual intercourse
Dystocia Difficult labour
Eclampsia Toxemia Serious form of toxemia of pregnancy, manifested by high blood pressure, edema, convulsions, renal dysfuction, proteinuria and coma
Ectopic Pregnancy A condition in which the fertilized ovum becomes implanted in any tissue other than the lining of the uterine cavity
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