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Med Term ASA Mid Ter

Med Term ASA Mid Term

Affix and Fixation have Fix as their Word Root
Histolysis Destruction of Tissue
Acr/o Combining form used to refer to extremities
Hypotrophy Wasting or decreasing of an organ or tissue
Suffix -osis means condition or status
Making a surgical opeining in the colon Colostomy
In the term gastromegaly, the suffix -megaly means? enlarged
The work part/prefix used to indicate the color blue is? cyano
Histoblast means immature tissue
A physician who wants to know how many white cells a patient has asks for what kind of count? Leukocyte
Erythroderma A patient who presents with reddened skin
Hypotrophy Term that describes the wasting or decreasing of a organ or tissue
Anus exit for solid waste
Receives stomach contents Duodenum
Creates Bile Liver
Lining has a rech supply of blood to absorb nutrients Jejunum
Connects the small and large intestines Ileocecal valve
Small structure growing on the bottom of the cecum Appendix
Hepat/o Liver
Col/o Large Intestine
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Gastr/o Stomach
Gingiv/o Gums
Enter/o Small Intestine
Dento Teeth
Stomat/o Mouth
Proct/o Rectum
Ile/o Ileum
Gloss/o Tongue
Cerebral Swelling is swelling to the Brain
Bradyphagis Chewing very slowly
Combining form for gallbladder Chol/e
Word that means softening of a tissue Malacia
Fear of confined spaces Claustrophobia
To which part of the body does the word Carpal refer Wrist
Inflammation of a bone is called: Osteitis
Pathology Study of disease
Craniectomy Removal of part of the skull to access the brain
Any disease of the brain and spinal cord Encephalomyelopathy
To refer to the left ear, use the medical term Auris sinastra
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gums
Abnormally rapid heartbeat Tachycardia
Any organism that can cause an infection Pathogenic
Surgical repair of the mouth Stomatoplasty
Difficult or painful urination Dysuria
Pleural form for the word Testicle Testicles
Stone or calculus located in the uteter Ureterolith
A person who has a fear of many things Polyphobia
Oophorectomy Removal or excision of the ovary
Hypotrophy progressive degeneration
Congenital underdevelopment of organs hypogenesis
Congenital absence of an organ aplasia
Production of abnormally formed cells or tissues dysplasia
Absence of original development agenesis
increase in size of cells, tissues, or organs hypertrophy
Underdevelopment of a tissue or organ, usually due to a deficiency in the number of cells hypoplasia
Atrophy wasting of tissues, cells, or the entire body
neo- new
-cele abnormal protrusion
excision -ectomy
anti- against
meta- beyond
development -genesis
hyper above or more than normal
-pathy disease
-plastic abnormal growth
pain -aligi or -dynia
Intestinal hernia enterocele
Patients would visit a bariatrics clinic for help with which type of condition? Obesity
which encyme breaks down fat into fatty acids lipase
splenomegaly enlarged spleen
Colonoscopy procedure used to view the intestine
thrombocytes blood-clotting cell fragemtns also called platelets
abmormally red blood erythemia
blood cancer involving white blood cells Leukemia
histoblast immature tissue cells
Pigment-producing cell Melanocyte
Disease Pathy
megaly enlarged
itis inflammation
ectomy excision of
-penia poverty of lack of
ology study of
pain algia or dyna
paper readout or computer screen image of a recording -graphy
blood condition -emia
pertaining to -ic
one who -er
inage of a body prodiced by computerized reflected sound echogram
first part of the small intestine duodenum
instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue dermatome
enlarged heart cardiomegaly
The study of the origin of disease etiology
Technologist who studies cellular disease cytologist
Instrument that uses X-ray to produce images through planes of the body tomograph
Slow heart rate bradycardia
acr/0 extremity
carcin/o cancer
cyan/o blue
hydro water
mania maddness or mental illness
micr/o small
ostomy making a new surgical opening
In Medical terminology, compound words are usually built in which order? Combining form, word rood, and suffix
List the six suffixes that indicate a foun form osis, ia, us, um, -e, -us
melan/o dark pigmented, black
-tomy incision (cut into)
xanthr/o yellow
edema accumulation of fluid in tissues that results in swelling and puffines
blood vessel hem/angio
emesis vomiting
cephal/o head
ather/o fatty, porridge-like
aden/o gland
histolysis destruction of tissue
abduction away from midline
adduction toward midline
odont/o tissue around the teeth
orth/o streight
prosthet/o artificial limb
supra- above
thorac/o chest or thorax
cost/o rib
-centesis surgical puncture
tapping or puncturing the fluid filled sac that surrounds the fetus amniocentesis
cocc/o round
bacill/o bacillus (rod shaped bacteria)
ot/o ear
erg/o work
dia- through
macro large
poly too many
therm/o heat
pro before or in front of
lith/o stone
staphylococci bacteria that grow in clusters
gyn/o female structures
cyst/o bladder or sac containing fluid
hyster/o uterus
lysis destruction
crypt/o hidden
-cide kill
Kidney Nephr/o or ren/o
rrhea flow or discharge
--rrhaphy suturing
tripsy surgical crushing
-rrhagia hemorrhaging
night noc/o
orchid/o testicles
Shows action or state of being Verb
Describes a noun, modifier Adjective
A base of a word Word Root
A word root plus a vowel (o) Combining form
Placed at the end of a word Suffix
Name of a person, place, or thing Noun
Placed in front of a word root prefix
A combining form is used when the next letter of a suffix is a(n) Consonant
When a "c" is followed by an "e,""i," or"y" it is pronounced as a(n) S
A word root is used when the next letter of the suffix is a(n) Vowel
When a "c" is followed by an "o,""a," or "u" it is pronounced as a(n): K
When building a word, the condition is usually at the__________ and the bosy part is at the:________ end, beginning
Give the abbreviation for: metastasis met, mets, metas
Give the abbreviation for: orthopedics orth, ortho
Give the abbreviation for: Range of Motion ROM
Give the abbreviation for: Water H2O
Give the abbreviation for: staphylococcus staph
Give the abbreviation for: Carbon Dioxide CO2
Give the abbreviation for: diagnosis Dx
Give the abbreviation for: doctor of osteopathy DO
Give the abbreviation for: Transurethral resection of the prostrate TURP
Give the abbreviation for: arteriosclerotic heart disease ASHD
Give the abbreviation for: last menstrual period LMP
Give the abbreviation for: gastrointestional GI
Give the abbreviation for: milliliter ml
Give the abbreviation for: electroencephalogram EEG
Give the abbreviation for: cerebrovascular accident CVA
Give the abbreviation for: cytoscopy cysto
Give the abbreviation for: gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD
Give the abbreviation for: diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine DPT, DTP, DTaP
Give the meaning of the word: Melanocarcinoma cancer of dark pigmented cells
Give the meaning of the word: Hydrocephalus Abnormal fluid in the head (congenital)
Give the meaning of the word: Mycodermatitis Fungal infection causing skin inflammation
Give the meaning of the word: Enteroclysis Irrigation of the small intestine
Give the meaning of the word: Proctoscope Instrument used to look at the anus and rectum
Give the meaning of the word: Psychosis Severe mental condition
Give the meaning of the word: Cheilorraphy Suturing of the lip
Give the meaning of the word: Hepatopathy Liver disease
Give the meaning of the word: Orthotic Support device (to straighten) the body, a brace
Give the meaning of the word: Arrhythmia lack of rhythm, poor rhythm
Give the meaning of the word: Cephalagia Headache, pain in the head
Give the meaning of the word: Cryptochidism Condition of hidden (undescended) testicle
Give the meaning of the word: Urologist Physician specialist in diseases of the urinary and male reproductive systems
Give the meaning of the word: Hysteroptosis Prolapse or displacement of the uterus
Give the meaning of the word: Urethrorrhaphy Suturing of the urethra
Give the meaning of the word: Nephrolith Kidney stone
Give the meaning of the word: Orchidoplasty Surgical repair of the testes
Give the meaning of the word: Angioblast Embryonic vessel cell
Give the meaning of the word: Neuropathy Any disease of the nerves
Give the meaning of the word: Otoscope Instrument used to look into (examine) the ears
Give the meaning of the word: Neoplasm new growth, tumor
Give the meaning of the word: Dyspepsia difficult or painful or poor digestion
Give the meaning of the word: Hematolysis Destruction of blood
Give the meaning of the word: Thermoplegia Paralysis caused by fever (heat)
Give the meaning of the word: Cholecystography X-ray of the gallbladder (process)
Give the meaning of the word: Audiometer Instrument used to measure (test) hearing
Give the meaning of the word: Tympanotomy Incision into the eardrum
Give the meaning of the word: Tachypnea Abnormally fast breathing
Give the meaning of the word: Kinesiology Study of movement
Give the correct suffex for: Suturing -rrhaphy
Give the correct suffex for: tumor -oma
Give the correct suffex for: breathing -pnea
Give the correct suffex for: bleeding -rrhagia
Give the correct suffex for: herniation -cele
Give the correct suffex for: rupture -rrhexis
Movement toward midline Adduction
Nasal discharge (runny nose) Rhinorrhea
Surgical repair of the nose Rhinoplasty
Loss of development (size) of an organ Hypotrophy, Atrophy
Process of looking into the urinary bladder with a scope Cystoscopy
Infestation with gallstones Cholelithiasis
Emotional condition characterized by compulsion to steal things Kleptomania
Round, spherical-shaped bacteria Cocci, Coccus
synonym for uvulectomy Staphylectomy
Wandering away from the normal path Aberrant, abnormal
Pus producing (adj.) Pyogenic
Tissues that grow(stuck) together that are normally apart Adhesions
Compound word for Varicella viral infection Chickenpox
Instrument used to look at very small things Microscope
Enlargement of the extremities Acromegaly
Abnormally low red blood cell count (number) Erythrocytopenia, erythropenia
Another name for platelets Thrombocyte(s)
Excision of part or all of the stomach Gastrectomy
Condition of blueness Cyanosis, Cyanotic
Heart pain Cardialgia, Cardiodynia
White Blood Cell Leukocyte, Leucocyte
Surgery to create a new permanent opening between the stomach and the first part of the small intestine Gastroduodenostomy
Physician specialist studying skin disease Dermatologist
X-Ray machine Radiograph
Picture (tracing) made by an electrocardiograph electrocardiogram, cardiogram
a person (Technician) who uses high frequency sound waves to make images of the body Sonographer, Ultrasonographer
Process of performing ultrasound of the heart Echocardiography, cardiac sonography
High blood pressure Hypertension
X-ray image of planes (slices) of the body tomogram, tomograph
Inflammation of a gland Adenitis
Heart muscle disease Cardiomyopathy
Disease of the brain Encephalopathy
The layer of skin upon the dermis Epidermis
Condition of having blood clots Thrombosis
Porous condition of the bone Osteoporosis
Softening of the skull Craniomalacia
the study of cells Cytology
A malignant bone tumor Otseosarcoma, sarcoma
Fat tumor (benign) Lipoma
tumor that spreads beyond its origin (noun) Metastasis, Metastases
Physician specialist in treatment of cancer Oncologist
Hardening of a blood vessel due to a fatty (porridge-like) condition Atherosclerosis
Disease that causes too many red cells in the blood Erythemia, polycythemia, erythrocytosis
Studies to diagnose nervous system disease neurodiagnostic(s)
Cancer of glandular tissue adenocarcinoma
Between the ribs (adj) Intercostal
Serous sac in a joint Bursa, Bursae (pl)
Surgical repair of a tendon Tendonoplasty, tendinoplasty, tenoplasty
Toothache Dentalgia, Dentodynia
Process of measuring the pelvis Pelvimetry
The ______ membrane lines the cavities that open to the outside: I.E. respiratory tract. Mucous
Inflammation of the meninges Meningitis
_________ fluid circulates around the brain and spinal cord cerebrospinal (CSF)
Surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid thoracocentesis, Thoracentesis
Dental specialist who straightens teeth Orthodontist
Fear of water Hydrophobia, Hydrophobic (a)
Swelling caused by blocked lymph vessels Lymphedeia
Dark pigmented tumor (cancer) Melanoma, Melanocarcinoma
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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