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Medical Assistant Certification Exam

2 methods of medical asepsis standard and transmission based precautions
Every health care worker/civilian with latex allergy should wear this medical alert bracelet
Results in myocardial relaxation repolarization
Valve located between the left atrium and the left ventricle Mitral or Bicuspid valve
Valve located between the right ventricle and the pulmonary trunk Pulmonic valve
Heart sounds produced by closure of the valves Murmurs
The 4 blood types A, B, AB, O
What is the PR interval and how long? P wave plus a segment, 0.12-0.2 sec
0.1mV on EKG paper measures 1mm
1000 meter are equal to 1km
1kg is how many pounds? 2.2 pounds
2nd choice vein for venipuncture and most often and most often the only one palpatable in an obese Pt Cephalic vein
99% of formed elements in blood RBCs or Erythrocytes
A urine pH of what is considered neutral? 7.0 pH
Abbreviation for micro liter ul
Analytical errors during collection of blood Extended tourniquet time, hemolysis, wrong order of draw, failure to invert tubes, faulty technique under filling tubes
Antiseptic not used on a dermal puncture site betadine (because it interferes with several tests like bilirubin, uric acid, phosphorus and potassium
Antiseptics used in Phlebotomy 70% isopropyl alcohol pads most common, provolone-iodine for BCs and chlorhexidine gluconate for patients that are allergic to Betadine/Iodine
Average gauge of needle used for drawing blood 21-22
BP cuffs too short and narrow can give false reading of what? hypertension
Bipolar standard leads are Lead I, II, III
Chest Leads are V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6
Butterfly needle winged infusion set
CC chief complaint
Common test for the red topped tube Serum, chemistry tests, serology tests, blood bank (glass only)
Common tests for the lavender EDTA tube CBC, differential of diff. ESR, sickle cell screening
Complex several waveforms
Consequence of insufficient pressure applied after withdrawal of needle thrombus
Consists of injury to another person's reputation, name, or character through spoken (slander) or written (libel) Defamation of character
Converts the temporary platelet plug into a stable fibrin clot Coagulation phase
Defamation of character by written statement is considered libel
Deflation the BP cuff faster than 2-3mmHg can lead to underestimation of systolic and overestimating diastolic pressure
Depolarization flows from endocardium to the myocardium to the epicardium
Explanation of hemoconcentration the increase in proportion of formed elements to plasma caused by leaving on the tourniquet for more than 2 minutes
Expressionless face and staring eyes are indications of Shock
Found at the superior portion of the interventricular septum, pathway that leads out of the SA node Bundle of His
Found in the upper posterior portion of the right atrial wall below vena cava opening SA Node
Functions necessary for life heart functions, blood pressure, respiration, temperature
Gauge of needle that can cause hemolysis smaller than 23 gauge
Glycosuria presence of glucose in the urine
HIPAA is for? Patient confidentiality
How long is the lifespan of a platelet? 9-12 days
How long does it take for blood to clot by normal coagulation process in the red top tube 30-60 minutes
How long is a holter monitor worn? 24 hours or longer
How many 1mm boxes are in a 6 second rhythm strip? 30, 1mm boxes
Hypothalamus regulates and maintains body temperature
Interval waveform plus a segment
Ischemia decrease in amount of bloodflow
J (RST) junction point at which QRS complex ends and the ST segment begins
Length of needle commonly used in venipuncture 1" (up to 1.5")
Limb leads consists of 3 bipolar and 3 augmented leads
Located at the posterior septal wall of the right atrium just above the tricuspid valve AV Node
Located within the ventricular endocardium, consists of small conduction fibers Purkinje Fibers
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
Medical Assistant role in physical examination Room prep, patient prep, assisting the Dr.
Method of pulse taking used on children and Pt. with irregular heartbeat Apical pulse
Modes of transmission Contact (direct, indirect), droplet, airborne, common vehicle, vector
Never leave the patient alone in the room when he/she is in this position Knee Chest
Normal indication for a stress test Evaluation of a patient with chest pain and a normal EKG, Arrhythmia, monitoring a Pt. with a recent MI
Normal respiration range and how long is it taken 12-20 for 30sec x2
ABG, ammonia, lactic acid, pyruvate, parathyroid test handling chilled in crushed ice and water mixture
Agents are any infective microorganisms, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites
Bili Bile
IM intramuscular
On Lead III which is the positive lead the left leg is positive
On the horizontal axis 5 large squares equal 1 second
On the vertical axis 1 large square equals what? 5mm (0.5mV)
Orthopnea difficulty breathing when laying flat
P wave arterial depolarization
PPE includes: mask, goggles, face shields, respirator
PR segment line from the end of the P wave to the onset of the QRS complex
Precentage of formed elements in blood 45%
Percentage of plasma in blood 55%
Positive testing for occult blood in a stool sample turn which color? blue on a positive test for occult blood in feces
Preferred site for venipuncture antecubital fossa
Prone position is used for used to examine the back and spine
Q wave represents initial negative deflection produced by ventricular depolarization
R wave the first positive deflection produced by ventricular depolarization
S wave the first negative deflection produced by ventricular depolarization that follows the first positive deflection, R wave
SQ subcutaneous
ST segment from J point to the onset of the T wave
Segment line between two waveforms
T wave deflection produced by ventricular repolarization
The stages of hemostasis 1. vascular 2. platelet phase 3. Coagulation Phase 4. Fibronolysis
The AV valves Tricuspid and Mitral (bicuspid)
QRS complex ventricular activation, the ventricle is polarized from the endo to the myo to the epicardium
The SA node represents which waveform on the EKG? only the P wave
The physical examination of urine consists of color, clarity, specific gravity
The average adult has how many liters of blood? 5-6 liters
The position used for most physical examinations, Pt. lays on back legs extended Horizontal recumbent position
The presence of leukocytes in urine is an indicator for what? bacteriuria or UTI
The primary purpose is to provide reliable data about a patients health status by ensuring the accuracy of a test while detecting and eliminating error quality control
The release of medical records without the patients knowledge or permission invasion of privacy
The standards of right and wrong in a medical setting code of ethics
The urinary system two kidneys, two ureters, bladder, urethra
The vertical axis on the EKG paper measures amplitude or voltage
This is an infection control method designed to prevent direct contact with blood or other body fluids Standard precautions
This is the second tier of precautions used when patient is contagious transmission based precautions
This objective of the microscope is used for observing bacteria, WBC differential count and RBC morphology Oil immersion
This position is usually used for taking rectal temperature Sim's
Thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein with clot formation
Tort wrongful act that results in injury to one person to another
U wave deflection seen following the T wave but preceding the next P wave
Urine Screening for UCG or HCG pregnancy test
V1 fourth intercostal space, right sternal border
V2 fourth intercostal space, lest sternal border
V3 midway between V2 and V4
What are the identification requirements for blood bank Pt full name and DOB, hospital ID# or SSN for outpatients, date and time of collection as well as the phlebotomist's initials
What fires at 40-60 bpm AV junction, Bundle of His
What is important to do first after dermal puncture? wipe away the first drop of blood
What is the difference between droplet and airborne? droplet is less than 3 feet, airborne is more than 3 feet
What is the most important task of a Phlebotomist? Patient ID
What is the percentage of water in Blood? 92%
What is the primary stage of hemolysis vascular phase and platelet phase together
What is the reading you can get from the RP interval? Ventricular pulse
Where do all blood cells originate? bone marrow
Where you find hemoglobin? RBCs
Which blood type has neither the anti-A nor the anti-B plasma antibodies? AB
Which are unipolar leads? aVR, aVL, aVF
Which tube must be filled completely? light blue tube- sodium citrate
Why is a holter monitor done? to rule out arrhythmia's or ischemia
With the bevel upward insert the needle at which angle? 15-30 degrees
A muscular hollow organ located in thoracic cavity between the lungs the heart
Abbreviation for decimeter dm
Acts as a pacemaker when higher level pacemakers fail Purkinje fibers
Actually the inner visceral layer of the pericardium epicardium
Additives in green top tube heparin, sodium, lithium, ammonium
bid twice a day
Arteries supplying the heart right and left coronary from the aorta
Common tests for the light blue tube Coagulation studies, PT (extrinsic, warfarin), APTT, PTT (intrinsic, heparin), BT, FDP
Common tests for this color tube are chemistry tests performed on plasma such as ammonia, carboxyhemoglobin and STAT electrolytes green top tube
Cycle of infection agent, portal exit, mode of transmission, portal entry, susceptible host
Define hematocrit percentage by volume of packed red blood cells in a given sample of blood after centrifugation
Define medical asepsis destruction of pathogenic microorganisms after they leave the body
Define surgical asepsis all microbial life, pathogen and non pathogens are destroyed
Dermal puncture is made in the fleshy portion of the finger slightly to the side of the center perpendicular to the lines of the fingerprints
Distilled water has a pH of 7.0 pH or neutral
First aid for shock open airway, call assistance, position head lower, control bleed if any, keep warm
For which procedure would you warm the site for a minimum of 3-4 minutes to increase blood flow? dermal punctures (heel sticks)
Has an intrinsic firing rate of 40-60 bpm Bundle of His
Heel sticks are performed on which patients? infants less than 1 year old
How many electrodes are on a holter monitor? 5
If skin or eyes come in contact with chemicals wash area with water for? 5 minutes
If the brachial artery is far below the heart level the BP reading can be falsely high
normal firing rate of 60-100 bpm and is the primary pacemaker of the heart SA Node
How long should the arm rest between reinflating the cuff during BP taking 1-2 minutes
How many electrodes on a 12 lead EKG? 10
Order of draw for capillary specimens lavender (pink), then tubes with other additives, than tubes with additives
Patient is on the left side with the right knee flexed against abdomen Sim's Position
Patient laying on back with knees flexed, soles of feet on bed Dorsal Recumbant
Patient lays on his/her stomach with head turned to one side for comfort Prone position
PC after a meal
Placed at the fifth inercostal space, anterior axillary line V5
PO by mouth
PR by way of rectum/suppository
PRN as necessary or when needed
Pulse is taken where and how long radial for 30sec x2, if tachy or brady take it 1 minute
QD everyday
QHS every night or bedtime
QID four times a day
SL sublingual
Receives deoxygenated blood from the right atrium which it pumps to the lungs through the pulmonary artery Right ventricle
Receives deoxygenated blood returning to the heart from the body Right atrium
Receives oxygenated blood from the left atrium and pumps it to the body through the aorta Left ventricle
Syncope sudden loss of conciseness
Taking BP hearing two consecutive beats gives which reading Systolic
The OGTT test is used for? diagnosing diabetes mellitus and evaluating patients with frequent low blood sugar
The four principles of a physical examination? inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultaion
The four elements of Negligence are? duty, duty of care, derelict breach of duty of care, direct cause, damage
The innermost layer of the heart endocardium
The sac containing the heart pericardium
This fires at 20-40 bpm purkinje fibers
this has a 1/10 of a delay to allow blood to flow from atria to ventricles AV node
this is placed which lead is placed on the fifth intercostal space left midclavicular line V4
This position is used for examination of the pelvic organs? Dorsal lithotomy
This position is used for rectal and vaginal examination? Knee Chest position
This position is used for surgical procedures of pelvic and abdomen and also for shock treatment Trendelenburg
This position is used to promote drainage or ease breathing Fowler's
TID three times a day
Unprivileged touching battery
Used for instruments that easily corrode dry heat sterilization
What are the symptoms of shock? pale cold clammy skin, blank stare, rapid weak pulse, fast shallow breathing
What defines Standard Precautions? All patients are presumed to be infective for blood borne pathogens
What is the least expensive and most available disinfectant for surfaces? 1:10 bleach solution
What is the most important means of preventing the spread of infections? handwashing
When checking for hormones in urine when do you collect the urine sample? first voiding in the morning
When are OGTT scheduled to begin? 0700-0900
Which limb is the ground? right leg
Which urine sample requires aseptic technique? clean catch specimen
Which urine specimen provides the clearest, most accurate results? clean catch midstream specimen
Why is the green top tube never used for hematology? Green top additive heparin interferes with the Wright's stained blood test
OSHA stands for? Occupational Safety Health Administration
HIPAA stands for? Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act
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