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General - Diagnostic Procedures

An instrument that spins substances at high speed to seperate them into layers according to density is a _____________ ? Centrifuge
An instrument used to measure blood glucose levels is called a what? Glucometer
The volume of RBC's in a given volume of blood, expressed as a percent of total blood volume is a __________ Hematocrit
Iron containing substance found in RBC's whose function is to carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body is called what? Hemoglobin
An instrument used to measure the intensity of light rays is called what? Photometer
What is a POL ? Physician's Office Laboratory
What is does CLIA stand for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
In what year did the US Congress pass the CLIA, establishing quality standards for all laboratory testing? 1988
What is the goal of CLIA ? To ensure the accuracy, reliablility and timelines of patient's test results.
What are waived test? Waived tests are the LEAST COMPLEX TESTS to perform.
What is a PPMP Tests? This is a WAIVED LABORATORY with a PPMP Certificate which can perofrm tests using a microscope
What is the objective of QUALITY CONTROL? To ensure RELIABLE and VALID test results by applying the correct methods and detecting or elminating errors
What is quality assurance? Is a type of OUTCOME ASSESSMENT
The 2 federal agencies that enforce safety standards are ______________ and _______ . FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EPA (Enviromental Protection Agency)
What does ICD-9-CM stand for? International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification
The abbreviation CPT means what? Physicians Current Procedural Terminology
What is ESR abbreviated for? Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
What does PT stand for? Prothrombin time
What does PTT stand for? Partial Thromboplastin Time
Blood Chemistry Tests include........... Electrolyte levels,Lipid Studies,serum protein,
Hematology and Coagulaton studies include CBC, ESR,PTT,PT,Coagulation Studies, and Reticulocyte counts
C&S is the abbreviation for Culture and Sensitivity
A physicians order to a refrence laboratory must be signed, within ________ how many days? 30
Who is JACHO? It establishes guidelines regarding the quality of care in hospital and health-care agencies, including laboratories.
Is JACHO a federal agnecy? No it is a private, non govermental agency
What is the purpose of the Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990. Implemented to protect patients, vistors and health-care facilities staff.
Why is precertification obtained? To ensure insurance provider payment
What are STANDING ORDERS? Routine laboratory test within a physicians office, that are placed in the patients charge for sigining later by the physician.
What should the MA do when diagnostic test are returned to the physicians office? Review and compare the results against norms and abnormal results for the physician.
Created by: kimber954