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Lesson2 FST

The Medical threat to the Field Forces

What are the four major medical threats? Heat, Cold, Arthropod Borne, and Diarrheal disease exist in peace time and wartime operations
What is the most lethal of all factors working against field forces? Heat is a tactical weapon, (1967 Egyptian Israeli Conflict) 20,000 Egyptian deaths due to heat when Israelis severs water supply lines) (1982 Sinai Peacekeeping, 35 soldiers needing IV fluids, suffering dehydration)
What factor resulted in over 90,000 soldiers admitted to hospitals during WWII? Cold weather injuries; Falkland Islands for 24 days in Combat cold injury accounted for 14% of British casulties because British commanders rushed an assault without cold weather preparation
What factor caused over 100,000 soldiers of Le Grand Armee to die? Arthropod-Borne Illness, more specifically it was louse born typhus that claimed 1/6 of Napolean's Army before returning to France. Malaria in the Solomon Islands caused 8 times more casulties than did the Japanese enemy.
What factor comes from contaminated water and food? Diarrheal disease, such as hepatitis, amoebic dysentery shigellosis, severe vomiting and diarrhea has affected Rommel's desert campaign in N. Africa at El Alamein, and the troops redeployment from exercise Operation Bright Star
Name the three minor medical threats? Toxic industrial Materials (TIMS), Noise, Pests other than arthropods
What are TIMS solvents, fuels, and cleaning chemicals; require proper use, storage, disposal
How is noise a threat? heavy equipment, weapon systems and generators have immediate as well as gradual, detrimental effects on our hearing; loud concussion cause acute/long term hearing loss
What is the concern with pests? Pests transmit disease, and carry parasites that make human beings sick, some are poisonous and can spread disease like rabies.
Created by: redhawk101
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