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Dettman ch1.1

Body Systems

Integumentary System Componets:Skin, Hair, Nails, sweat& oil glands Functions:helps body temp, protects body, eleminates some waist, helps make vitamen D, detects sensations.
Skeletal System Components:all the bones in the body & cartligaes & joints. Functions:supports & protects the body, helps movement, stores cells that produce blood, stores fats.
muscular System Components:muscle tissue attached to bones(also smooth & cardiac) Functions:bringing about movement,maintains posture, produces heat.
Nervous System Components:Brain,Spinal cords,Nerves,& sence organs(eyes ears ect..) Functions:regulates body activites through nerve impulses by detecting changes,& respoding to them.
Endocrine System Components:all glands & tissues that produce hormones. Functions:regulates body activites through hormones transported by blood to targeted organs.
Cardiovascular System Components:blood, heart& blood vessels. Functions:heart pumps blood through vessles,blood carries oxygen & nutriants to cells & carbon diodice & waist away from cellshelps regulate acidity,temp. & water.blood helps against dieses & damaged vessles.
Lymphatic & immune system Components:Lymphatic: fluid & vessels: spleen, thymus,lymphnodes&tonsils cells that carryout immune responses. Functions:returns proteins and fluid to blood carries lipids from gastrointestinal tract to blood: protects against dieses.
Respirtory System Components:lungs&air passageways like throat,voicebox,& windpipes Functions:transfers inhaled air to blood & carbon dioxide from blood to exhaled:helps regulate acidity:produces sound.
Digestive System Components:organs of gastrointestinal tract(mouth,esophagus,stomach,small&large intestines,rectum,&anus)(also organs that help digest like salivary glands) Functions:helps physicaly&chemicaly break down food,absorbs nutrients.
urinary System Components:Kidneys,ureters,urinary bladder,& urethra Functions:produces,eliminates,& stores urine.getsrid of waist.& regulates volume&chemical compostion of blood & helps regulate red blood cells.
Reproductive System Components:femals-ovaries,organs,uterine tubes,uters&vagina.Males-epididymis,vas,deferens,&penis. Functions:gonands produce sperm.thats makes a new organism&creats hormones,organs transport & store gameetes.mammary glands producuce milk.
Created by: kelsey dettman